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Heaven opens its loving arms and pours abundance onto you! An unexpected gift is on the way. Accept it with gratitude and know that you’ll have the chance to return the generosity by giving to others in the future. Your gift may come in the form of sudden good fortune or a dream coming true (such as a house move, new job opportunity or some other gift that will help you move forward). When this gift arrives, be conscious of ‘paying it forward’ and giving to others in actions or kind words.

Something new is stirring in your heart. It may be a new relationship or the ‘sense’ that one is about to come to you soon. Or it could be that a current relationship is experiencing a reawakening. Your angel announces the beginning of powerful emotional experiences, the sort that will take you by surprise (no matter how old or young you are!). Your angel also says that you are receiving messages from her, particularly about emotional situations that are occurring in your life right now. The message is simply ‘I am here, you are not alone”.

Deep in your heart you are aware of your healing abilities.  Perhaps you’ve received feedback from others about the way your words or touch have helped heal them. You are urged to take your healing work to the next level. If you are already working as a healer, take this as a sign that there is much more to your gift if you apply yourself in a more focused way.

You have been receiving ideas, thoughts put in your head about the future and your life purpose. This may involve starting a business or job, a new area of study, a charity project … those ideas are ‘inspired’ by Higher Powers. It’s important to move forward, particularly if you can’t shake the feeling that it’s something you’ve just got to do. Don’t be put off by little  challenges along the way, these are merely course corrections to perfect your plan.

You feel a deep longing for something meaningful in your life. In your heart you know that there is more ‘out there’ waiting for you in the world. The first step is to ‘sense’ this, so congratulations, you are making progress! Now you are ready to go find it. As you have grown emotionally and spiritually, that which used to keep your attention has now lost its appeal. It is time to retake your own personal power and initiate an important change (if you have already done this, take it as a big confirmation you did the right thing). The decision to make these changes is your own and not one forced on you by fate or chance.

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