What does the future hold for me?



What Does the Future Hold For Me?

Tarot Reading with Rider Waite Tarot Cards
with Karina


Relax …. ask Higher Powers to guide you to one single card. 

If you struggle to choose – close your eyes and allow your finger to be guided.  


Now receive your reading below. 



Card 1: Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands Rider Waite Tarot


Karina Says:

An exciting new opportunity is coming your way. For most of you this refers to work – a promotion, new job offer or lucky self-employment opportunity shows up. When this opportunity knocks – grab it! Whatever you say YES to in the next 3 months will impact the rest of your life.

While there may be some initial growing pains – these will quickly pass. Move bravely forward into the unknown and kiss your comfort zone goodbye!

For those of you are working in the home or retired, the Ace of Wands brings a fresh start in another area of your life – this may mean a new relationship, baby or grandchild. If you plan on starting a new hobby, there is an opportunity to make money from it later.  

Angel: Call on Archangel Raziel in the coming months, as he is wonderful at opening doors to adventure!

Also: Don’t forget the angel who is helping you this year



Card 2: Chariot

The Chariot Rider Waite Tarot

Karina Says:

  If you apply self-discipline and willpower in the coming months, you realize your dreams and achieve huge success. 

The Chariot represents triumphs over obstacles. Right now you are entering a phase of your life where recognition for your talents/achievements can be earned. Keep your head down, stay focused and work on what you want to achieve – be that a work related project, weight loss or a new skill – stay the distance.

 Do not give up but trust that you will achieve your goal. In fact, you’ll feel so FANTASTIC about yourself, others can’t help but notice! Over the next 3 months, you take a huge leap forward when you refuse to quit.

Angel: Call on Archangel Metatron to increase your motivation and energy levels in the coming months.

Also: Don’t forget the angel who is helping you this year



Make doubt and indecision a thing of your past ..

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