Aeromancy cloud gazing
Cloud Gazing and Aeromancy

Cloud Gazing and Aeromancy


Aeromancy is a fancy name to describe cloud gazing. It is the oldest form of divination (psychic reading) and was practiced by the priests of Babylonia.

The idea is by gazing into clouds, your psychic eye (intuition) is opened and you receive messages from angels and even loved ones and pets who have passed over. You may see a face that reminds you of someone, or a shape triggers some thoughts in your head. 


Cloud 1

Read this carefully, a few times to fully understand. 

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you think about something – like pregnancy for example –  it seems as though pregnant women are everywhere?

Or you’re driving around town looking for a grocery store and someone phones to ask if you saw a pharmacy – you don’t remember seeing one but as you drive on, you start seeing pharmacies everywhere!

Our mind filters out what it considers ‘irrelevant information’ all the time.

This is important!

Because if you only know what you DON’T want – you keep seeing what you don’t want. 

I don’t want to see pharmacies is not something your mind understands – it will just see pharmacies. 

Be aware of those niggling little thoughts running around your head – try to keep your mind focused on what you do want. That way, you won’t be in danger of missing opportunities as they arise.


Cloud 2

The Feeling Prayer

Native American Indians have a beautiful way of attracting their wishes. Instead of using request prayers – where you ask Higher Powers to grant your wishes – they use feeling prayers.

A feeling prayer is where you give thanks as though your wish is already fulfilled. As you thank your God, visualise how you look and feel now that your prayer has been answered.

As well as attracting what you want more quickly, you also benefit in the here and now. You no longer feel the lack of something – praying and hoping it will happen – it has been granted. 

You are already experiencing a new reality.

Feeling Prayer 

Thank the angels or your God for delivering your wish > state what your wish now.
How does it feel to have your wish granted?
How does it express itself in your body?
FEEL like you already have it, think about it in this way for a few minutes every day.  


Cloud 3

Don’t Worry How, You’ll Get There

Are you afraid sometimes of taking decisions
in case you ‘get it wrong’?

Well don’t be!

Make your decisions and have confidence – all paths lead to where you are meant to be.

Research shows that every atom knows precisely, within a meter, where it is in the Universe at any given time. When a particle knows where it wants to travel, it can find out the information it needs from the Universe.

How does this help you?

Well, your body is made of zillions of atoms, which means you have an inbuilt navigation system. Every atom in your body knows where it is in the Universe and where you need to go to achieve your goal.

So trust yourself, take decisions and keep moving forward. You will get there.


Cloud 4

 Here’s Looking At You Kid

When you think negative thoughts about yourself certain neurons in the pain center of your brain become activated. When you meet another person, mirror neurons in their brain become activated and mimic the way you are feeling.

If you are full of self-doubt in an interview, the person interviewing you is likely to feel the same, it happens at a subconscious level.

This is how your inner state (thoughts) shape the world around you.

The same thing happens with potential partners – they are repelled or attracted according to how you feel about yourself. Nearly every situation in your life is shaped by how you feel about YOU.

The most important thing you can do to make yourself happy is to raise your self-esteem and self-love.

Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself ‘I love me’ just the way I am.

Thank your beautiful body for making it possible for you to exist here on Earth.

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