Message for air signs Aquarius, Libra and Gemini


I asked Higher Powers for a message for my special little Air signs today.




You received the Moon and 9 of Wands


You have been receiving clear messages and visions about your future.
Maybe you are afraid to let yourself believe that your hopes will come true.
You have been through so much, but Higher Powers say –  keep going, stay positive. It is safe to hope and dream.  

Depending on your situation – one of the additional messages below is for you. 

If you: 

  • – Asked about pregnancy/childbirth, the next full moon should deliver a result.
  • – Are psychic, your powers are intensifying and you are able to better tune into higher guidance. Share the knowledge you receive with others.
  • – Want something badly – that might be better health, a new home, romance … whatever you have been focused on for some time now – don’t give up. Keep your dream alive. So many people quit hoping and making the effort, without knowing that they were on the verge of manifesting their dream. 
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