Ancient Alchemy Symbol Meanings and Reading
Ancient Alchemy Symbols and Meanings

Antimony Symbol Alchemy Meaning


You picked a less well known alchemy symbol for planet Earth. It also represents antimony, a silver metal found in the earth’s crust.

Antimony is a regarded as a cooperative metal because it works best when it is combined with another metal. 

This is your guides way of saying – you are good around other people – maybe it’s time to come out of your shell?

There is something you want to do, but you’ve been a little afraid of doing it.  

Maybe you’re worried about failing, or what others will think of you. 

Whatever the case, your guides are by your side. That is why they guided you to this symbol. 

Antimony represents the free spirit, wild nature or animal power dwelling within you. 

Let the power move through you.



Aqua Symbol Alchemy Meaning


You were attracted to the elements of this sign. Aqua Vitae represents the ‘water of life’.

Traditionally alchemists kept this symbol near them to remind themselves that the development of the soul is more important than earthly material things.

It guides you to spend time developing your spiritual connection, because in so doing, the things you worry about now, will seem far less daunting. It’s the only real way to achieve peace and happiness.

Release and go within.

In the process, you will find all the solutions you need.


Arsenic Alchemy Meaning

You Picked ARSENIC

You were attracted to the elements of this sign.
Interesting, hey!

Nowadays arsenic has a bad reputation because it’s used as a poison in pesticides and insecticides.

Traditionally though, in small doses arsenic was considered a magical cure for illnesses and was said to induce a trance of enlightenment.

Your symbol guides you to look to the past. As a child you knew no fear and embraced the supernatural world. After all, it wasn’t that long since you had left the spirit world to be born. The spirit world was more familiar than Earth.

Return to that childhood belief and faith, keep this symbol near you if you need help. Don’t deny the past or put memories down to childish imagination.

Let the miracles begin.



Phosphorus Alchemy Meaning


You were attracted to the elements of this sign. 

Phosphorus glows in the dark from a source of light within, and ignites spontaneously on exposure to air.

Traditionally alchemists were fascinated by this substance, it seemed mysterious, magical and filled with wonderful possibilities. It was considered the vital flame of life.

Whenever you feel tired, unmotivated or lacking in direction, look upon this – your symbol of phosphorus. It will prompt your inner light to expand and remind you of all the good things yet to come.

The reason you were guided to phosphorus, is a sign that good things are about to manifest.



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