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Hold this crystal in your hand and let the healing begin. I’m allergic to dairy, and if I accidentally eat something with milk in, I immediately grab an amazonite before the cramps set in!

Did you get the answer right?

Great! You have a strong connection with crystals (and some people do). Be sure to integrate them into your daily life.

Didn’t get the answer right?

It may be that you didn’t connect intuitively today, don’t worry – that happens. However, do check out the meanings of the other two crystals below. If the message resonates with you – then it means you DID connect, and that there is a more important message for you today.



Angelite Crystal 

The angels are calling you into service to help others. There are many ways we help others – healing, inspiring, teaching, protecting and supporting. It is in doing what you came here to do that other parts of your life fall into place – relationships, home, inner peace and sense of happiness.


Dalmatian Stone

Even the worst of situations can be brightened by humor. Sense of humor helps us cope with difficulties at the very instant we are laughing.  There will be reasons for laughter in your life in the coming months.


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If 'guessed' the right crystal, then you should learn Tarot.

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