Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan

Cards used for this reading: 

WildWood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews


Card 1

King of Bows: Adder Snake

Karina Says: 

The snake energy of this card coils and weaves, it represents Earth energy rising from the ground growing in power. Your energy has been dormant for some time and a magical spiritual awakening is occurring. This magic represents balance and is associated with the healing arts.

You have gained some wisdom, and like the snake have learnt to twist and turn with the terrain … therein lies your Power … have confidence that you can handle the unexpected (would you have come this far if you couldn’t?). You are on the right track with your question but it will require significant change to your routine and moving out of your comfort zone to make your dreams come true. You are ready and empowered by the serpent energy within you to demand more from this area of your life.

Ps: This message is a particularly powerful and positive sign for those who want to start or expand a business.

Nine Of Arrows: Dedication

Karina Says: 

Yes, this path is the correct one, but it will require complete dedication – mind, body and spirit. This isn’t the sort of path you can pick up and drop when you feel like it, it needs dedication and persistent work. When we dedicate ourselves to something (or someone) it means we are serious about the task in hand (not just wishful aspirations). This card has a picture of a spiritual warrior, she hears The Calling and knows it is meant for her. She knows it will take time and effort and some sacrifice … but she starts with the first step. She is determined to make a difference with her life and is not waiting on the whims of others to decide her fate.

Eight Of Arrows: Struggle

Karina Says:

The path you ask about has or will be a struggle. The woman in this card fights her way through a snow storm, she holds a burning lantern which represents her soul – her soul desires are lighting the way … the only thing she needs to survive the storm is courage. You may be feeling alone – either alone in a relationship or alone in your thoughts, unable yet to share your hopes with others. You are aware there are choices ahead, and the choices may be painful or scary. Perhaps there is no obvious path, and all you can see are pitfalls. Now is the time to be calm and carefully assess the situation – calmly decide what action is necessary for your life to move forward (because action is necessary). It may not be easy, it may be a struggle, but out of the struggle a new inspiring YOU is born.
Note: If this message truly does NOT resonate with you on any level, then please go back and pick again between 1 and 3 because you may not have concentrated enough on your choice.


Ten Of Arrows: Instruction

Karina Says: 

Yes, this path is the correct one, but it will require instruction. This varies according to the question you asked – it may mean taking a course, getting a qualification or the wise counsel of a professional or friend. 10 is an important time indicator here, it can refer to 10 days, weeks or months before the results begin to show. This is the perfect time to INVEST in your future happiness – invest your time (and perhaps money) in advancing your dreams.

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