The Hermit Tarot Card

Left Card:  Lotus Tarot
Right Card: Modern Witch Tarot

Your Name Begins with ‘W’

You received the Hermit, dearest W. I was inspired to give you two versions of this card because you may connect with one more than the other. If so, look at the picture you like, let your imagination flow. Wait and see where your mind wanders. This is how cards trigger an opening so that Higher Powers can plant new thoughts.

Your message today is: 

This is a good time, to think about the future. Where you want to go from here.
Whatever your age, whatever your situation, there is more adventure waiting for you. 

Don’t force a decision. 
Spend some time alone. If don’t feel like being around other people right now, that’s okay too. Give yourself space.
Take as many walks as you need. 
Journal. Write down your thoughts.
When you a ready, you will emerge from this process ready to spring into action.


Additional Meanings

** This is a good time to seek spiritual guidance or counselling from a trusted source.
** You feel comfortable being alone and do not feel lonely.  This is a good thing.

~ Karina ~


You found yourself here but your name does not begin with W? 

If so >> you are meant to do this – YES NO tarot reading

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