Angel number meaning 123, 219, 912, 661, 899, 343
Angel and numerology meanings

Which Angel Number Caught Your Attention The Most?
Or maybe you see these numbers on a clock repetitively.


This is your message: 




You are taking an interest in spirituality (some of you quite seriously). It is part of your reason for being here, your soul’s journey on earth. Now, and in the coming 18 months you attract the help and guidance of new angels and ascended masters (advanced guides).



Let go of any uncertainty, or procrastination about the future. The Universe rewards those who don’t give up. The more serious you are about your goals, the more serious support you will receive.  Soon you’ll experience the bliss of abundance that accompanies pursuing your destiny.



You have a concern and the best way to approach it is with a can-do attitude. We chemically alter our body by the power of our thoughts. Being optimistic literally energizes you, and attracts happier outcomes from the Universe. Do what you can to improve your situation, and then allow your worries to melt away.
What will be, will be.



Trust that your positive thoughts about your life are working, even if you can’t see the benefits or opportunities yet. You may find that events move slowly at the moment, almost like the Universe has slowed things down. Don’t worry, it’s just your angel’s way of ensuring you avoid some commitments that later would only have held you back.



You can charm anyone if you try – even people who are difficult and unfriendly. Smile, it is your gift to the world – and your weapon! It will disarm and subtly influence people to your way of thinking and help you achieve what you want. Be nice, even under stress.



We, the angels, ask you to simplify your life by letting go of anything that keeps you weighted down. This may be a desire for greater material possessions, unhealthy habits or people with whom you no longer bond with. It’s safe to let go.
 Move forward into the light.


Why Am I Seeing Repetitive Numbers?

Perhaps you are seeing 11:11 or 3:33 … whatever number you are seeing, you ‘sense’ there is a message behind it. If only you could figure it out, right? See more on repetitive numbers

Angels can also guide you with Tarot

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