Angel and numerology meanings.

Which Angel Number Caught Your Attention The Most?

This is your message: 



Angel Says ……


Don’t worry about tomorrow and enjoy today. There is nothing much more that can be done at this time. Rather than take action, your angel guides you to clarify your dreams. This will help you manifest them sooner. Don’t make any hasty decisions for the next few weeks. Just make sure that what you think you want, is really what you want. A little bit of clarity will go a long way. 



Angel Says ……


The number 3 is vibrationally connected to creativity. The angels encourage you to connect to the non-logical side of your mind. Everyone can ‘create’ – it is the act of self expression. From dancing, to singing, writing, sewing, baking, gardening .. the list is endless. It is in the act of creating that we begin to enter a light trance state, the vibration required to hear angels. This may help you with the creative endeavor itself, or there may be other guidance waiting for you. If something for example has been bothering you, you are much more likely to receive guidance when you’re not thinking about it and stressed, but when you are relaxed and having fun.



Angel Says ……


Embrace your individuality, you were not destined to follow the pack. Your needs and desires can be different to the society ‘norm’. You will know in your heart what does or doesn’t make you happy, it is the only guidance you need. Your angels want to celebrate your uniqueness. Be brave. Don’t allow yourself to get bogged down by life and others. Every so often, break out. What do you fantasize about doing? Travel, uncovering a hidden talent, creating something?  …. Whatever it is, allow your thoughts some daylight.



Angel Says (with love) ……

If you believe you are lucky, you will be. Lucky number 13.
Or it is lucky, if you believe it “TO BE” so

The angels want you to know, that you are stronger than you think. And luckier than you realise. Do not allow yourself to surrender to self-pity, negativity or frustration. If you believe in YOU, so will the Universe. You can attract everything you desire. So pull yourself together and have every faith that you will be happy and successful.



Angel Says ……


Let us not be too hasty to anger or look for slights. If you find people ‘get on your nerves’ too easily these days, the angels ask you to rediscover your compassion. It doesn’t mean others are necessarily  ‘right’, but by fighting every battle, you do nothing but exhaust yourself and lower your vibrational energy. Open your heart to the world again. Your compassion is needed.



Angel Says ……


Use your voice, don’t hide away. You have something important to say and the world needs to hear it. Your message may either inspire those nearest and dearest to you (who could do with a gentle nudge), or the greater community at large. What is it that stirs your emotions? What thoughts do you need to express?




In order to achieve the happiness you seek – a better quality of life (financially or healthwise) – it calls for a little more self-discipline and action. You need to meet your angel half way because dreams won’t manifest by themselves. Find the strength and willpower within you. You have all it takes, I promise.

If you are already doing this, your angels applaud your efforts.



Why Am I Seeing Repetitive Numbers?

Perhaps you are seeing 11:11 or 3:33 … whatever number you are seeing, you ‘sense’ there is a message behind it. If only you could figure it out, right? See more on repetitive numbers.

Angels can also provide messages through Tarot

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