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Guardian Angel Reading

Sword Angel Symbol

You were inspired to pick the sword. It is the symbol of Archangel Michael, the warrior angel. Because you picked this symbol it means you are consciously (or subconsciously) calling on this Archangel for help and protection. Know that Michael hears you, even if you have doubted your ability to contact angels.

He is here to help you conquer personal demons (unhealthy habits, fear, negativity and self-doubt).

Perhaps you’ve even questioned if you’re special enough to be worthy of angelic attention?

The answer is, YES you are!
If you have the ability to be kind to just one person (or animal), then you are worthy of angelic attention. The main job of angels on Earth is to promote what is known as the ripple effect. Every tiny ripple you create by a kindness you show triggers another ripple until eventually a wave is formed. The Earth and humanity is at a critical time in history and it needs your ripples to survive.

So now you can see just how important you are to angels!

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Harp Angel Symbol

You were inspired to pick the harp. Harp music resonates on a special frequency and has a calming, healing effect. Your angel says a period of peace, acceptance and happiness is approaching.

If you’ve been feeling a little sad, or frustrated by life, your angel says relax and enjoy the time ahead. Experience the sun on your face, feel joy in being alive. There is nothing else you need do but embrace the peace coming to you.

All will be well, the enlightenment you seek will follow.

If you dream of a harp or it appears to you in meditation, it means everything is about timing. Trust that there is a heavenly order and you must submit yourself to it.


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Crown Angel Symbol

You were inspired to pick the crown. Your angel is placing a crown on your head as a sign of congratulations.

Perhaps you have been wise enough to count your blessings, despite your challenges. Angels love when you do this because it means you are becoming more spiritual (the ultimate aim for all of us).

Only when you take this approach does life open and become truly amazing. It is no coincidence that the crown is placed on top of the head, the home of the crown chakra. This chakra point (energy center), is our main connection to the spirit world. 

If you dream of a crown or it appears in meditation, be very pleased! It means you are on the way to spectacular spiritual development.


Bell Angel Symbol

You were inspired to pick the bell. As an angel symbol it means you are going through an ‘awakening’.

Bells have been used throughout time in religious services and celebrations. The sound of the bell clears stagnant energy and speeds the arrival of new opportunities, new people, new interests, new ideas and good health. It’s like a personal spring cleaning! Your body, mind and spirit are being re-energized, embrace it.

If you dream of a bell or it appears to you in meditation, your angel asks you to spring-clean some part of your life that is keeping you down. Once you do this, the doors to angel communication open beautifully. The block has been removed.


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