Angel times 711, 755, 335, 909


Angel Says ……

Continue with your affirmations and visualizations because they are working. Remember, your faith in the Universe and angels is your fortune. If you believe the angels have your back, truly believe – not ‘sort of’ on a good day – good fortune will follow. You must meet the angels half way, and faith is the way you do this.

Angel Says ……

Big changes are rumbling through your life, the signs may or may not yet be evident. Expect great blessings and in return, the angels hope you will share your generosity with others in whatever way you are guided to at the time. 

Angel Says ……

Great powers are guiding and protecting you through some necessary and healthy life changes. Treasure your mind and body, make you a priority. Sleep, eat well and find time to pray or meditate.

Angel Says ……

Put your entire focus on serving a greater purpose through your career or voluntary work. There is so much for you to do, but you must start with what’s in front of you. If you’re not sure what that is, cast your mind back – you have been given an idea recently, but you may have rejected it.

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