Angels of God

The Angels of God


 Your Message


The angels say today is the right time to overcome self-doubt. 

How? By focusing on DOING stuff and thinking less.

Sometimes we can overthink so much, that we think ourselves out of doing anything.
Analysis paralysis.
If you focus on why you can’t do something, believe me you will find many reasons to support your case. 

Instead, the angels say – make the next few months about doing stuff. 

One thing, will lead to another.  Don’t worry about where it’s leading, just play your part by doing

But maybe you have already started doing this? You’ve taken some decisions and over-coming doubt? 

If so, take this as big angel HUG. 

They are so proud of you. Yes you’re on the right path!



Someone in your immediate environment is being rude or grumpy. It’s because they are unhappy. 

People only behave badly – because they feel bad.  Although they might not admit it, and instead blame everyone else. 

The angels say, you can help by choosing to be less reactive. Bite your tongue for now. 

But if the problem continues, chat to them about it.

They might deny there is a problem – or blame others. But persist.  It is important. 

If this message does not resonate with you today – it will in the coming week or two. 



The Angels of God are with you, helping you with health issues.

If you have not been feeling yourself, lacking energy or recovering from an illness, take this as a sign that the cloud is lifting.

If you have a long-term condition that you need help with – the angels of God say help is coming. 
The suffering will end.

Stay alert and be open to new therapies and ways of self-healing this year. 

You will discover something that is just the miracle you’ve been waiting for. 



A phase of your life is coming to an end. It is the end of an era. 
And the dawn of a new one. 
The Angels of God are with you, gently preparing you for what is to come. 
Do you feel excited,  like something is coming? 
Or maybe you’re already on the path.
Either way – trust those feelings. 
Don’t dismiss them as wishful thinking. 
The Angels give you guidance through FEELINGS.
They can manipulate your energy through your solar plexus chakra. 

No matter what age you are – 30 or 80 – this message is for you. 

Angels can also guide you through Tarot

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