What it means when a swarm of flies, invade your home or space. 


Is it a bad omen if you are invaded by a swarm of flies?

No, it is not. 

Flies, like any other creatures of nature, are simply the bearer of news. In this instance, the news is good! They come to deliver a message, and it is this: 

A huge source of abundance is available to you right now. Now is NOT the time to give up. In fact, quite the opposite. It is time to get busy and stop putting things off.  

You have the ability to reach your goals and persistence will pay off. Even if it means annoying others (like the fly) or being selfish for a while, you must focus. Great success beckons.

However remote a happy or prosperous life seems, it is only around the corner if you play your part, and help yourself. 

So, thank your fly visitors for their message, and they will be on their way. If they re-appear, it is because you haven’t listened or acted on their guidance. 


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