Moth Symbolism

What it means when a MOTH lands on you. When an insect acts in an unusual way around you (for example is particularly friendly or appears to be looking for attention), or it appears repeatedly (at least 3 times in a short-period of time), it is trying to convey a message from the spirit world.


The message(s) that resonate with you are the correct one(s) for you:

The moth is considered a creature of mystery, and is strongly associated with intuition. The moth calls on you to trust your intuition – if something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right!. Ask: What situation or person am I avoiding looking too closely at? Put emotions aside and try to be dispassionate in your review

You came into this world with strong psychic and intuitive sensitivity. When the moth appears it means you are ready to explore those gifts further, perhaps take a course or read more about it. Whatever you do, don’t ignore it or think that being psychic is something other people do! 

Pay attention to your dreams, try to remember any details you can when you wake in the morning – even if you don’t remember the exact dream, be aware how you feel – happy, excited, nervous? You are receiving guidance from your Spirit Guide. If you feel nervous or excited for example, it can indicate new opportunities are about to arrive which will shake up your world.

If you suffer mood swings, it may be that you are more susceptible than most to the energy of the moon. When this happens it means your personal energy field is sensitive to lunar energy, your vibration is higher than most people’s. Again, another sign of natural intuition!

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