When a pigeon appears to you, acting in an unusual way (for example is particularly friendly or appears to be looking for attention), or it appears repeatedly (at least 3 times in a short-period of time), it is trying to convey a message from the spirit world to you.


The message(s) that resonate with you are the correct one(s) for you:

You’re trying to conceive a baby, the pigeon says don’t lose hope, your baby will arrive when his/her soul is ready to leave the spirit world. 

If you’ve been thinking of moving closer to ‘home’ the pigeon guides you to make the move. If you are travelling when the pigeon seeks your attention it means ‘home misses you and sends their love’.

If you’ve had a volatile or disturbing childhood the pigeon sends you healing from the spirit world, they are helping you to adjust and be happy as an adult. Seek counselling if necessary to release anger, fear or mental injuries.


When An Injured Pigeon Seeks You Out

Perhaps a pigeon flies into your window, or an injured one seeks you out.

Your Message

You are a healer, when you lay your hands on an injured person or bird, you emit a healing light. While you may not be able to save this particular bird, respect it’s message.

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