Animal spirit guides modern age


Key Message:

Suspend Disbelief

Some of us find the thought of trusting a Power outside of ourselves to help make our dreams come true a threatening concept. By Power, I mean the Universe, angels, God … call it what you will. If you’re used to being in control, or rather used to the illusion of being in control – trusting your fate to someone or something else can be scary.

Some of us are afraid to trust the same Spirit that created the Universe, to provide us with opportunities: for example, to help us get a promotion, to find love or regain our health. We buy into the illusion that external events rule our fate.

And then we wonder why we’re unhappy!

Let go of limiting beliefs. Suspend disbelief. 

Experiment with a loving Universe that embraces even skeptics.

Today be willing to believe that the Universe has your back. You know when you trust because you don’t spend most of your day anxious or worried about the future. 



Key Message: 

Bless Your Life & Circumstances

No matter what is happening in our life, we can help ourselves by blessing our circumstances. Even unpleasant circumstances, through gritted teeth if necessary!

Usually we don’t know why things happen the way they do until time has passed. However, by blessing the situation that troubles you, it is surrendering trust to the Universe. A way of saying ‘I know this situation has been sent for a reason, and that things will get better.’ 

Blessing the circumstances in our lives teaches us to trust. There have been times in my life when everything fell apart, but something, a spark within me made me understand that it would clear a path to a new adventure. And it has always proven so.

Start every day by saying:
Blessed be the morning for me and mine.

At noon
Blessed be the day for me and mine.

At night
Blessed be the night for me and mine.


When spirits call

"Stop waiting.You need this today"

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