Archangel Michael Oracle Reading
Archangel Michael Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue


Archangel Michael Target Message

Archangel Michael Message

Keep Your Eyes On Your Targeted Intention

Sometimes we can get confused about what we really want, and flip from one thing to another. The angels ask you to stop and think about what you really want. Not what you sort of want, or wish you had. What you really want, and therefore will be prepared to consistently put an effort into achieving.

Perhaps you may decide:

* More fulfilling work, or freedom to work from home.
* A healthier body. Perhaps because you want to feel more confident and happier in your skin, or you want to attract a loving partner or conceive a baby.
* To fix a health condition
* Travel when restrictions are lowered
* Education

The difference between a ‘wish’ and a ‘want’ is that when you want something, you are prepared to make it a priority and actively do something about it, consistently.

The angels ask you to clarify what ONE thing you want more than anything.

Let that ONE THING be your goal and direct all your energy towards making it happen.





Why Am I Seeing Repetitive Numbers?

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Archangel Michael Right Path Message

Archangel Michael Message

You’re On The Right Path

You have asked for a sign am I on the right path?
Michael arrives to say, yes you are!

You have been listening to the little voice in your head and the angels applaud you. It is the voice of your spirit guides and angels, and they are so happy you are finally hearing them.

This is a perfect time to throw yourself into new work or a project, move location, attract love or work to improve strained relationships. It is also a great time for healing.

 Know now that you are protected and hearing your angels.


Archangel Michael Protected Home Message

Archangel Michael Message

Your Home Is Protected By Angels

The angels fly to your side, reassuring you about any worries you have concerning your home or home life. They wish to relieve you of worries by providing you with opportunities to help yourself and your loved ones. 

Depending on your circumstances, this may mean:-

* Assistance with a relocation/house sale or purchase.
* Job/financial offer which improves your finances.
* Assistance comes through for a child or loved one.
* Toxic energy in the home is dispersed.
* Motivation to start or expand a business from home.


“Archangel Michael, thank you for watching over my home and its inhabitants. I ask that you post guardian angels at each door and window to ensure our protection.”


Archangel Michael Eternal Love Message

Archangel Michael Message

Eternal Love

A loved one in Heaven is sending your their love, right now as you read this message. Try to feel their presence, they are sitting next to you. Perhaps you feel a sudden rush of love, your skin tingles or the air cools.

They want you to know there is no cause for anxiety. The things that stress you now, won’t tomorrow. The next time you feel worried, close your eyes and ask your loved one and the angels to draw close. When you FEEL the love of the spirit world, it is impossible not to smile.

Our life on earth is just a blip, we live forever. Don’t allow your time here to be clouded by anxiety.

Live freely and don’t forget to breathe.


Archangel Michael Be Happy Message

Archangel Michael Message

Decide To Be Happy Now

The angels hear your prayers and wishes and they will do their best to help you. But they want to take this moment to look at the bigger picture. Happiness, regardless of your situation, is not something to put off until ‘tomorrow’.

One of the top regrets of dying people is that we can take life for granted, put off resolving conflicts with our loved ones, and avoid doing the things we love because we think there’s ‘still time’. We put off happiness by never really realising that our happiness starts now.

Every situation, no matter how dire can be looked at in two ways. The happy way or the unhappy way. For example if your partner walks out, you can choose to think ‘I’m so unlucky’, or you can think ‘I’m so lucky I found out now, rather than wasting more time.’ Or if you don’t get the job you really wanted, think ‘it’s because something better is coming along.’

If you’re paralysed by indecision, make a decision and get on with it. There really isn’t a ‘right’ choice. 

We all need reminding of this message from time to time. Perhaps you’re already aware of this, if so .. the angels applaud you.


Archangel Michael Admit Truth Message

Archangel Michael Message

Admit The Truth To Yourself And Act Accordingly

The angels say there is an important feeling you’ve been trying to brush aside and ignore. Yet, try as you might, it niggles at you. Archangel Michael says that facing the truth will be healing and allow you to move forward.

This may mean:-
* Healing or leaving an unhealthy situation.
* Don’t compromise your happiness for the sake of others, no-one wins in the end.
* Admit you don’t want what you thought you did. This releases you to start again. 


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