Archangel Michael Cards by Doreen Virtue

Card used for this reading: 

Archangel Michael Cards by Doreen Virtue


Your Inner Guidance Is Real And Trustworthy

Archangel Michael knows you are feeling uncertain or confused so he is sending you this message as a confirmation that you ARE hearing him accurately through your gut feelings, ideas and instincts. Stop and listen, even if the guidance is not what you necessarily want to hear. Or perhaps you fear action in case you make a mistake – either way Michael says it is safe and wise to move forward with those actions. Even if you are not sure where it will lead, follow the guidance anyway. 

For you to say to Michael: Please lend me the courage to act on the guidance you have been sending me.


Go Forward Fearlessly

Archangel Michael wants you to move ahead with your desires and plans. Even if you can’t figure out how to get from here to there, take the first step in the right direction. And then another.  Breathe life into your wishes by doing something. 

Your job is to work out what you want. And then move towards it. There is no requirement to have a detailed plan at this point. Simply allow the path to unfold as you travel. 

For you to say to Michael: Thank you for walking with me every step of the way.



A Favorable Outcome 

Sometimes life hits the sweet spot. Sometimes dreams do come true, or plans turn out just as we hoped. This is one of those moments. Archangel Michael hears your deepest desire, he knows what motivates you. He wants you motivated, so that you will do more to help others. With that in mind, he promises to help settle a matter, which will free you emotionally to focus more on new things.

For you to say to Michael: Thank you for teaching me to have faith.


Eternal Love 

You drew this message because someone in Heaven is sending you love right now! They want you to know that being in a physical body experiencing life on Earth is a special experience. Open your eyes they say, be more aware this week – look at our beautiful planet as though you were an alien seeing it for the first time. We all return to the Light and spirit world eventually, to the source of eternal love – but in the meantime, take a moment to STOP and acknowledge how lucky you are to be here. On the way to work … at home during the day .. wherever you are, look OUT and look UP from your tasks. Take a moment. Smile.

For you to say to Michael: Help me to see all the beauty and love that surrounds me so that I can feel safe receiving and giving love to those I encounter.




It is so easy to get your own messages!

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You have asked for a sign ‘am I on the right path’? Michael arrives to say, yes you are!

Whatever you are doing right now, whatever you are hoping to achieve … know that you are on the right path, doing the right thing. Don’t worry if the path seems uncertain, or if things don’t happen in the way you expect. Regardless, you are heading in the right direction. Stop second guessing yourself. Breath a little easier my darling. You are doing all you need to do.





Michael says, take a picture of this card, save it to your phone. It has the power to raise your self-confidence when you look at it.

Michael is helping you grow in confidence now. It is time you accept that you are capable of doing more with your life. Experiencing more. 

This may be

* A happier relationship
* New work
* Success with current endeavors

Whatever your journey, you are destined to become ‘more’. Michael is with you. Guiding you.




Michael says that someone is sending you love at this moment.

Perhaps you have been worried about a relationship, if so this symbolizes Archangel Michael’s reassurance that all will be well. 

For some, your loved one is in heaven – this may be a partner, past life partner, twin-flame, parent or child. They say ‘I love you, you are not alone and one day we will kiss and hug again’.

Love surrounds you … no matter what else happens in life, true love survives all.  The love being directed to you now, is eternal love. It knows no boundaries.




Michael has flown to your side. He urges you to cut your losses and move on from this unhealthy situation because it is robbing your energy, confidence and happiness. He will help you walk away without guilt or fear.

This may refer to a:

* Job/project
* Toxic relationship
* Unhealthy friendship
* Bad diet, alcohol or toxic substances
* Home/location

Michael will send a team of angels – now-  to help,  if you want? Listen for thoughts that pop into your head – and follow the guidance, even if it seems unrelated.

Walk into the Light.

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