Angels and Saints


Archangel Ambriel

The light you saw was Ambriel. He will help you in the coming weeks.

This powerful angel helps clear the fog of confusion.
He also inspires clear communication and you can call on him for protection in general.

Archangel Ambriel helps you with:  

1. Making clear decisions
2. Choosing a career path
3. Seeing the truth about someone or a situation
4. Awakening your spirit guides



Archangel Gabriel – The Great Messenger

The light you saw was Gabriel. He will work with you in the coming weeks. 

Archangel Gabriel is tasked with the creation of ideas and so he will inspire you, and help you believe in yourself and your goals.

Archangel Gabriel will help you:

1. Develop ideas and inspirational messages to pass on to the world
2. Believe in yourself and follow your dreams, whatever they are.
3. If you are a parent or grandparent of a sensitive child. Or if you teach, mentor children, he will point you in the right direction, how best to use your talents.

 Gabriel was chosen as the special angel who had the sole privilege of carrying the message of the prophet who would go before the Lord to prepare his way, “to prepare a people fit for the Lord”



Archangel Michael – The Great Defender and Protector

The light you saw was Michael. He will help you in the coming weeks.

Archangel Michael is usually pictured with a sword in his hand.
He is the great defender of all that is good. He tends to appear as flashes of light out of the corner of your eyes.

He will help you:

1. By giving you strength and courage
2. Find and fulfill your life purpose
3. Cut energy cords with unhealthy situations and people
4. Shield you from negative people and situations
5. Sleep better, he watches over you while you sleep
6. He protects your health, and helps those with longterm conditions to get better



Archangel Metatron – Angel of Spiritual Awareness

The light you saw was Metatron. He will help you in the coming weeks.

Metatron is unique among angels in that he was once human. His name means ‘He who serves behind the throne.’

He is the keeper of the Akashic records which contain all the deeds of your past lives. He helps you understand your karma (why things happen to you and why certain people have entered your life). As he holds secret knowledge of the Universe, he is a powerful angel to have by your side. He unveils to you, your past, present and future. Knowing where you are going, is very empowering. 

Metatron will help you:

1. Access information from your past lives.
2. Understand the reason (life lesson) certain people are in, or have been in your life
3. Break negative patterns of behaviour
4. Increase your psychic and mediumship abilities
5. Grasp deeper spiritual knowledge. Metatron is a teacher and mentor




Archangel Nathaniel – Gift of God

The light you saw was Nathaniel. He will help you in the coming weeks.

Nathaniel is the angel who helps us through major life changes.
If you feel stuck he helps you break free and gives you the motivation to make necessary changes.
His aura colour is red which is appropriate because red is all about action.
His name means ‘gift of God’ and he is associated with the element of FIRE.

He will help you:

1. With motivation problems
2. Rid yourself of persistent negative feelings
3. Purify and heal your body
4. Follow your dreams or passions, and not worry about the outcome
5. Understand your soul purpose



Archangel Raphael -The Divine Healer of Physical Ailments

The light you saw was Raphael. He will help you in the coming weeks.

Archangel Raphael has been tasked with the healing of humankind on every level, body, mind and spirit. As happiness and good health come from a balance of all those things, Raphael can help you with all areas of your life.

He will help you:

1. Heal yourself or others. He is the patron saint of healers
2. Fall in love or take your relationship to the next level of commitment
3. Match-make – help others to meet and fall in love
4. Communicate with or work with animals, babies or young children
5. Find work in nature, or that benefits the environment
6. Move to a location closer to nature or water



Archangel Raziel – The Divine Keeper of Mysteries

The light you saw was Raziel. He will help you in the coming weeks.

Archangel Raziel governs the veil between the worlds of Heaven and Earth, of dreams and spiritual communication.

He will help you:

1. Unlock some of the mysteries of the Universe
2. Develop mediumship and angelic communication abilities
3. Recover past life memories and the roles those people play in your present life
4. Develop greater faith
5. Care for sensitive, spiritual children



Archangel Zerachiel – Angel of Confidence

The light you saw was Zerachiel. He will help you in the coming weeks.

Zerachiel is the angel of confidence and gives you the courage to speak up for yourself. He fans the spark of self-love so that you learn to put yourself and your needs first occasionally without feeling guilty.  Zerachiel works along side Archangel Michael – they direct you towards the bright uplifting energy of the sun.

Zerachiel gently encourages you to step out of the shadows and into the sun. The world needs your generous and loving spirit. 

Zerachiel helps you:

1. Explain to others why you want to change or do things differently
2. Believe in yourself
3. Do well in an interview or give public talks
4. Ignore the petty criticism of others
5. Emerge and shine your Light



Guardian Angel

The light you saw was your Guardian Angel. He or she will help you in the coming weeks.

Your guardian angel has been with you since birth. Mostly our angel works quietly in the background, but some years he or she makes their presence more known. Your angel will be making their presence more obvious in the coming weeks and months. Perhaps because you have been asking for signs. But most likely because they want to help you achieve the happiness you deserve.

Signs to note:

Sudden flowery smells which you cannot explain
White feathers fall in your path
When a pet or baby seems to be watching something, but you can’t see it. They can see spiritual energy more easily.
You see repetitive numbers more frequently.



St Christopher 

The light you saw was Christopher. He will help you in the coming weeks.

St Christopher is Patron Saint of travel, moving and adventure.

He will: 

1. Keep you safe while travelling or at work. He provides good luck, fortune and protection
2. Moving house or location
3.  Beginning a new adventure of any kind
4.  Charity work
5.  Spiritual work which helps people cross over,  or see the Light 



Saint Bernadette

The light you saw was Bernadette. She will help you in the coming weeks.

This saint received visions from the Virgin Mary in a cave near Lourdes.

She will help you: 

1. Strengthen your faith, even if others do not believe
2. Heal or heal others
3. Receive visions of the future, not just of your own future, but others and even the planet



Saint Dymphna

The light you saw was Dymphna. She will help you in the coming weeks.

Saint Dymphna is the patron saint of emotional ill health and anxiety.

She helps with: 

1. Overcoming childhood traumas
2. Healing nervous afflictions and anxiety
3. Nurses, counsellors, therapists, social workers – anyone who is helping others sort their life out. 
4. Luck, she delivers wonderful luck just when you need it



Saint Gerard

The light you saw was Gerard. He will help you in the coming weeks.

Saint Gerard is the patron saint of Motherhood.

He helps with: 

1.  A safe pregnancy and childbirth
2.  Fertility, if you are trying to conceive
3.  If you have problems with your children (including adult children)
4.  Helps you work with spiritually gifted children

He also helps finances to flow – especially around property. Property windfalls.

He also helps you buy, sell and find a home in a location you love.  



Padre Pio

The light you saw was Padre Pio. He will help you in the coming weeks.

Padre Pio was a monk who became famous for his stigmata (wounds similar to those of Christ). While kneeling before a cross, stigmata formed on his body and remained for 50 years. The wounds were said to smell of roses. Saint Pio reputedly developed many gifts, including healing, levitation, the ability to read hearts and to speak tongues. Since his death many people have reported a miracle healing after the saint appeared to them in a vision or dream. You are truly blessed to have this saint walk with you.

He will help you:

1. Heal or heal others
2. Develop psychic, mediumship or other worldly gifts
3. With luck in an area of your life where it’s most needed.




The light you saw was Jesus. He will help you in the coming weeks.

The ascended master, Jesus has chosen to work with you.
There can be no general message for you. His work is much too personal. 
All you need to know, is that your path is lit by the brightest of lights, and you must be heading in a very special direction. 
Life is going to get even better.

Angels can also guide you through Tarot

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