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Attract More Luck With Principles Of Feng Shui 

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is an ancient art and science that was developed by the Chinese 3,000 years ago. It is based on the principle that invisible energy flows throughout the universe (the same energy that psychics tap into to give a reading). This energy flows through our bodies (centered around the chakra points), it runs through our home, office, garden and the food we eat. The Chinese call this energy chi, in Japan it is called ki and in India it is called prana – they all mean the same thing. Using the ancient rules of Feng Shui it is possible to balance these energies in your environment to assure good health and fortune.

To achieve this harmony you need to place possessions and furniture according to the principles of Feng Shui so that energy can flow freely and not stagnate. The simplest example is de-cluttering a room. 

Have you ever thrown away a lot of unwanted objects from a room and felt a ‘lightness’ in the air once you were finished? Removing excess clutter allowed energy to flow again. Or have you ever placed a piece of furniture in a room and been instinctively unhappy with its location – only to move it to another part of the room which ‘felt right’? 

Feng Shui is sometimes referred to as the art of placement. Where you place objects can bring a harmony to a room which may not be possible by any other means.

Picture: Karina’s ‘money plant’ – helps attract good finances


10 Feng Shui Tips
Make Your Home LUCKY

Tip 1. 

Do not have withered flowers in the house, you don’t want your wealth to be dead. Silk or artificial flowers are fine but live plants are better. In particular – get a money plant (jade plant) because it’s leaves are coined shaped.

Tip 2. 

Clear the entrance to your home/apartment – take away bikes and other clutter. This allows health energy a direct path into your home.

Tip 3. 

Fix leaking taps (faucets). Taps leaking water signify money leaking from the home.

Tip 4. 

Cover drains to stop money draining out of the home. So, keep the plug in your sink when not in use. And most important of all – keep toilet seat lids down.

Tip 5. 

Hang a metal wind chime in your doorway. This encourages people to help you.

Tip 6. 

Make sure all doors open smoothly, this eases your path in life. If doors squeak or jam – fix them.

Tip 7. 

When placing furniture, less is best. Too much and we feel cramped and it can restrict our opportunities.

Tip 8.

 Keep brooms in a cupboard out of sight and place them upside down. This keeps burglars out and prevents the family’s possessions being swept away.

Tip 9.

 Ideally all bookshelves should have a door on the front. If this is not possible move all the books so that they are flush with the front of the shelf.

Tip 10.

Paint your mailbox in a bright colour, particularly if you work from home. This will encourage business through the post (including email)

Use Tarot To Attract More Luck

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