You Chose: Uranus

Don’t let others walk all over you. Being nice and being a doormat are two different things.

If you feel people are taking advantage of your kindness – expecting it rather than appreciating it – then something has gone wrong.

You deserve respect for your actions. If people don’t thank you, it will only leave you feeling resentful and angry. Sometimes it is necessary to do less for others in order to make a point and gain their respect.

You Chose: Venus

Don’t compare yourself to others, especially if they appear to be doing better than you. Jealousy robs you of what is good in your life. 

Remember, everyone has their own journey and you don’t know what that journey has been like for them. Where they’ve struggled, what mistakes they’ve made and recovered from.

Use any negative feelings you experience as a guide. It is showing you what you really want in life. Let it inspire you to take action and improve your life.

You Chose: Neptune

Fake it until you feel it. Feelings follow actions.

If you’re feeling low, deliberately act happy and smile, it will change your mindset.

If you’re scared to do something, pretend you don’t give a damn …. do it anyway.

If you need to appear confident for an interview or in front of others – fake it – pretend you’re an actor in a play.

Eventually it won’t feel like you are faking any more.

This strategy really does work!

You Chose: Jupiter

Let this week or month be ‘someday’. Do that thing you’ve been putting off till someday – a new job, learning a skill, organizing a trip, registering for a dating site, changing your hair colour … whatever, big or small. 

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and it is telling you NOW is the time to just do it!

You Chose: Mars

Don’t over-think things right now. You don’t have all the answers, nor will meditation reveal them to you. Life is unfolding and sometimes you are meant to take a step into the unknown, like an adventurer. To place your trust in something bigger.

Sure things may get a bit messy, you’ll have days of panic and days of glory. Yet, I couldn’t wish anything more wonderful for you!

This is what ‘life is for living’ means.

So put on your hiking shoes and start moving!

You Chose: Saturn

A relationship needs re-booting. This person has been on your mind a lot recently, it may be a friend, colleague, partner or family member.

Your relationship has been on a downward spiral because no-one is taking control and saying let’s start again, let’s get back to supporting and encouraging one another.

You may need to say this to the person, or simply show them by your actions.

Break the negative pattern and send the spiral upwards again.

It is so easy to get your own messages!

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