Cancer, Archangel Uriel has arrived at your side. He helps to inspire you with ideas, increases your motivation to finish projects, and helps you find the resources you need (people or money) to achieve what you set your heart on.



Leo, Archangel Raphael has flown to your side. Perhaps you require a little healing, your mood needs lifting, or you are being instructed in a healing art.



Virgo, a powerful archangel has arrived at your side. Archangel Sandalphon acts as a powerful petitioner, bringing your wishes and prayers before God. A powerful ally indeed.



Libra – there may be something you ‘have’ to do, and it’s a bit of a drag. Rather than powering through, re-frame and try to see it as an adventure. Never wish anything away because time is precious.



In the coming weeks, you will be presented with an opportunity to show people the real you  – maybe you reveal a secret about yourself or simply decide to say it how it is.  It is the beginning of a whole new era. It’s time to accept who you really are, because your soul is ready to sing. 


In the coming weeks Sagittarius, you will require courage to do something, to break out of your routine. The angels are letting you know, that they are here to support you.


Capricorn, you need a big hug my darling. And the most important hug you can get now, is one from yourself. The Universe takes it’s lead from us. When we think good things about ourselves, the Universe responds in kind. 


Aqua-baby, the next few weeks will be a powerful time of  manifestation, so now is the time to be clear about what you want. If you are unsure, then make a clear decision, or you risk wasting the energy. If you do know what you want, then be sure to keep your mind on your intended outcome. 


Pisces – you have grown in wisdom in recent years. You are ready now to share your ideas, inspirations and creativity with others. Be prepared to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone. 


Time to read your own cards!

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