Capricorn – we only really know how true our faith is, when it is tested. Afterall, it’s easy to believe in ourselves or higher powers, when everything is going ‘right’. This week, your faith will be tested, and in the process, becomes strengthened.  Consider this a re-calibration. Higher powers want you clear in mind and body, ready to reach for the stars in the next phase of your life.



Aquarius, as an Air sign (and Air rules the mind) – when you are of a mixed mind, your results are usually scattered too. This week, an opportunity presents, but you must be clear of mind to see it, and more importantly grab it. If you are waiting for good news, as long as you expect it, want it, you will receive it.


Pisces, mostly when you feel anxious – it is not YOU who is anxious, but someone near you (a loved one, friend, work colleague or client). You are a sensitive, and simply sitting within the vicinity of another persons aura (energy field) can expose you to absorbing their feelings and physical symptoms (anxiety, headaches, low moods). If you stretch your arm out in front of you, that the average span of a person’s aura. If you are suddenly feeling anxious for no reason this week – stop – be aware of the feeling and say, it does not belong to me, I release it!



Aries, you will have an opportunity to make an impression on someone this week – and so –  the angels are reminding you of your special magic. Feel good about your life, where you have come from, and where you are going. Your light is re-emerging and will shine even brighter than ever. Let this person see how truly amazing you are.


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