Capricorn, you are one of the smartest signs of the zodiac, which is why you’re generally clever enough to appreciate the good things and people in your life. You’re also wise enough to know that life has ebbs and flows. Periods of stagnation and periods of good luck. Now … your luck is on the rise. Expect a miracle opportunity. 


Aquarius – you have grown in wisdom in the past year. You are ready now to share your ideas, inspirations and creativity with others. This is a good time to start a business, look for a new job/promotion or start a project. Success is guaranteed. 


Pisces, after a difficult start to the year – you are finally finding your wings and flying. From humble beginnings, something big is being born. Focus on being of service and giving love, everything else will fall into place.


Aries, you have come so far – but it easy to forget how much you have achieved. You are so good at acknowledging other people’s achievements, now it is time to turn the spot light on yourself. You have come so far. Recognise your talent, because it will give you the confidence you need to assert yourself ‘out there’ in the world. 


Time to read your own cards!

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