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Turquoise Stone 

If like me, you were attracted to the turquoise crystal, it means:

Your body mind and spirit are coming into alignment. This is a slow process, and you may experience mood swings while this happens. It is the continuation of a spiritual awakening. This stone helps you to connect with some pretty powerful spirit guides and angelic beings. 

White Howlite Crystal

If you were attracted to the white howlite crystal, it means:

Your body requires more rest. This stone attracts us when we feel tired or anxious. If you are having problems sleeping, put one under your pillow. It is known as the peaceful dream stone.


Dalmatian Stone

If you were attracted to the dalmatian stone it means:
Keep a sense of humour, no matter what is happening in your life. Everything is bearable if you can find a way to laugh about it. Life is much too serious, to be taken seriously. 

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Crystal Pyramids

Meaning of crystals


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You picked the Orgone Crystal Pyramid

This pyramid seals in powerful orgone energy which amplifies healing abilities. You were attracted to this crystal today because either you need healing, or you feel a calling to do even better things with your life.

This is no ordinary healing crystal. It is a tool to tap higher vibrational energy available to humans who are so motivated.

It is time to step back from the everyday grind and review your desires. What is it you truly want? Not what you sort of wish for … but what does your heart truly guide you to do? Cut through the distractions, doubts and fears. What is it? Be honest.

Once you are clear on your desire, the Universe will formulate a plan and deliver opportunities which will enable you to help yourself. No decision will be taken for you. All decisions are yours to take, this is why you have been granted free will. Only when you take charge of your mind and strangle your fears, can you truly gain entry to the world of higher vibrational opportunities.

Rose Quartz

You picked the Rose Quartz Crystal Pyramid

This pyramid contains the highest vibration of love.

By choosing this crystal you are guided to listen to your heart. It is OK to want what the heart wants.
But sometimes we neglect our heart, perhaps because we are too busy caring for others, or following a path we think we ‘ought’ to follow.

But your heart is whispering …

It is saying ..

I want more for me.

It is not selfish to want more. Your heart is pure, it is the purest, highest vibrational part of you. It is the part of you connected to your spirit guides. When it whispers, pay heed to what it says.
It is honest and true.

Rose Quartz Tip

The Rose Quartz is the most powerful crystal for healing emotional issues. It helps you express your emotional needs – to repair relationships or to move on in peace. It soothes internal pain, and restores hope. I advice you to place your rose quartz next to your bed so can absorb its powerful energy while you sleep.

Lapis Lazuli

You picked the Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pyramid

This powerful blue crystal opens the third eye chakra – it is connected to the future, and your visions of the future.

You are guided now, to think upon the future.

If you are not happy with the present, what changes will you make now to inspire a better future?

What must you start?
What must you finish?

Lapis lazuli was a much treasured crystal in Ancient Egypt and was thought to guide the soul through the journey of life and death (which is why it is a wonderful stone for mediums, or those who are dealing with the process of dying).

It is the stone of rebirth and regeneration.

As you emerge, the lapis lazuli encourages you take control of the process. Time passes anyway, so why not use it to shape the future you want. 


About Lapis Lazuli

This stone is essential for anyone on a spiritual journey. It stimulates the psychic mind, opening your mind to visions and messages from the other side. It stimulates the throat chakra, making it easier to express yourself vocally or in writing. It stimulates your smaller ear chakras, making you a better listener.

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Spirit Guide Message

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

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Butterfly: Transformation

Your guide has given you the BUTTERFLY as your symbol of connection this year. When you are visited by the butterfly, know that your guide is present.

The butterfly works vibrationally with the number 3, and since ancient times the number 3 is associated with creative power and growth.

As the butterfly moves from one phase of life to the next, it shows a remarkable ability to adapt and grow. Only after a period of darkness can we appreciate the light.

You are experiencing a shift in awareness, the dawning realisation that it is time for change, and more importantly that you are finally READY to transform. Mostly this change will come in increments, you feel motivated do something – it could be to lose weight, learn something, travel, switch jobs – whatever it is, you are exhilarated by the journey and the results.

As you move forward, perhaps with an unfamiliar sense of joy and hope, know that you are transforming and within a year you will marvel at the journey you have travelled.

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Raven: Magick

Your guide has given you the RAVEN (black bird) as your symbol of connection this year. When you are visited by the raven, know that your guide is present.

The raven guides us to a place of personal power, healing and connection to the spirit world.

You are entering a time of ‘magick’, where anything is possible – your truest, deepest wish can be fulfilled. This refers to a wish you have desired, even craved and thought about for some time. Your desire is like an ‘ache’, a longing for what you know should be.

If this message does not resonate with you – because it should and very deeply – then you picked the wrong card. Go back and try again. 

Additional Meanings

The 24th of next month will be important.

Open your heart to the power of Prayer



LyreBird: Genetic Memory

The lyrebird mimics the sounds of the forest from hundreds of years ago. The older birds pass the sounds to the younger birds, flawlessly mimicking each other, generation after generation.

The young learn the sounds as though they were hearing them direct from their ancestors.

The lyrebird flies into your reading today to say your ancestors are whispering in your ear. You are being primed for a great time of ‘remembering’. Depending on your circumstances this ‘remembering’ may be:

* Return of knowledge gained in a past life.
* Memory from the past resurfacing as a warning not to repeat old mistakes.
* Encouragement to resurrect an old passion.

The Guidance Is There For You

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Message From Heaven 5

Someone In Heaven Sends You This Message Today: 

I am here helping you


I want you to know that I am here helping you. I am the light that goes before you, illuminating the path. I will pop into your mind, at seemingly random times. That is my way of saying, pay attention to what is happening at that moment. 

Your spiritual gifts are evolving to the next level, and this can sometimes make people feel over-whelmed. You may feel more emotional than normal while this process is taking place, it is not always easy.  I have been nominated as your Guide by higher powers who are interested in your abilities. They know you trust me, which is why I have been honored with this task. 

Just be kind to yourself as you move through this development phase, it is likely to last another couple of weeks. Once we have finished healing and upgrading your energy field, then the real fun begins!  


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Message From Heaven 4

Someone In Heaven Sends You This Message Today: 

I will point you in the right direction


You have asked if I am watching over you, and I am. You know I am … trust our connection. 

You are lucky to have me on the ‘other side’ – I do enjoy playing God. OK … so I’m not God, as nice as that would be … 🙂 

I love my life here, but I do keep a watchful eye over you. You have a few decisions to make, and I want you to know that everything will be alright. I will point you in the right direction. Don’t worry ‘how’ I will do this, the way we guides work is subtle and not always visible to the human eye. 

I love you. You are safe and protected. 



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Message from Heaven 3

Someone In Heaven Sends You This Message Today: 

I send you loving signs through nature



I send you signs through nature. I am not the butterfly or the bird that flutters near you, but I am the One that sends it in your direction. I know you noticed the way an insect or bird has acted around you – you thought of me when it happened.

Don’t doubt those feelings, the more you say ‘hello’ and acknowledge it, the more it encourages me.

Nature – birds, insects – are plugged into the cosmic force of the Universe, it is easy for us to manipulate their energy to send you a sign.

I may also send you a sign through a beautiful rainbow or a feather. 



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Message From Heaven 2

Someone In Heaven Sends You This Message Today: 

We will be together again


Although we are separated by time and space,  paradoxically,  I am only a breath away. Close your eyes, relax, breathe deeply and I will be by your side. 

Our souls are intertwined forever, and I will be waiting for you, when one day it is your time to join me.  When your life is complete, we will reunite in spirit form and I will guide you through this beautiful non-physical world. I can tell you now, there is nothing to fear about dying. I am so happy. Blissful.  The trees here are ‘out of this world’.

 I do miss you. Yet, in the meantime, I want you to live your glorious life to the full. You have so much to look forward to, and much to offer the beautiful planet Earth. 



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Message From Heaven 1

Someone In Heaven Sends You This Message Today: 

It Was My Time To Go


I want you to know that every soul comes into the world at a predetermined time and also leaves at the time it is meant to, for its own growth.  I see now that I am in Heaven, that there is a larger force at work, and an incredible order to everything in the Universe. Every soul has a cosmic plan it must follow. What you might perceive as ‘too soon’, is merely a step in the cosmic dance.

Use meditation or yoga as a way to connect with me and the spirit world. Free your mind of the daily worries, for in the grander scale of things, they are just a blip. Walk with me. Walk with the angels as you free your mind.  


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Spirit Guidance – Card C

Your Spirit Guide Message 

Look Up

Someone in Heaven is sending you love right now! They want you to know that being in a physical body experiencing life on Earth is a special experience. Yes, life has struggles – moments for laughter, and reasons for tears. 

Your loved one or friend in Heaven, says – it’s all an illusion. Earth is a temporary experience, they know that now and want to pass the wisdom onto you.

 Open your eyes, be aware  – look at our beautiful planet as though you were an alien seeing it for the first time. We all return to the Light and spirit world eventually, to the source of eternal love – but in the meantime, take a moment to STOP and acknowledge how lucky you are to be here. 

 On the way to work … at home during the day .. wherever you are, look UP and OUT from your tasks. Take a moment. Smile.


I asked the spirit world to tell me, how are they communicating with us right now (methods are always changing).

This is what I was told:

– Electrical equipment breaking, flickering, acting strangely
– Shadows, you see them out of the corner of your eye and think someone has just walked by
– Increasing ear sensitivity, ear popping, hearing muffled sounds like people talking, or white noise (static)

I am told that more people are experiencing increasing sensitivity – changes to their eyesight and hearing, in particular.  This is to facilitate spirit communication. Think of yourself as a radio – as the spirit world fine tune you, so that you can pick up their radio frequency. 



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