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You Chose: Neptune 

Don’t let others walk all over you. Being nice and being a doormat are two different things.

If you feel people are taking advantage of your kindness – expecting it rather than appreciating it – then something has gone wrong.

You deserve respect for your actions. If people don’t thank you, it will only leave you feeling resentful and angry. Sometimes it is necessary to do less for others in order to make a point and gain their respect.


You Chose: Venus

Don’t compare yourself to others, especially if they appear to be doing better than you. Jealousy robs you of what is good in your life. 

Remember, everyone has their own journey and you don’t know what that journey has been like for them. Where they’ve struggled, what mistakes they’ve made and recovered from.

Use any negative feelings you experience as a guide. It is showing you what you really want in life. Let it inspire you to take action and improve your life.

You Chose: Neptune

Fake it until you feel it. Feelings follow actions.

If you’re feeling low, deliberately act happy and smile, it will change your mindset.

If you’re scared to do something, pretend you don’t give a damn …. do it anyway.

If you need to appear confident for an interview or in front of others – fake it – pretend you’re an actor in a play.

Eventually it won’t feel like you are faking any more.

This strategy really does work!



Let this week or month be ‘someday’. Do that thing you’ve been putting off till someday – a new job, learning a skill, organizing a trip, registering for a dating sit, changing your hair colour … whatever, big or small. 

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and it is telling you NOW is the time to just do it!

You Chose: Mars

Don’t over-think things right now. You don’t have all the answers, nor will meditation reveal them to you. Life is unfolding and sometimes you are meant to take a step into the unknown, like an adventurer. To place your trust in something bigger.

Sure things may get a bit messy, you’ll have days of panic and days of glory. Yet, I couldn’t wish anything more wonderful for you!

This is what ‘life is for living’ means.

So put on your hiking shoes and start moving!

You Chose: Saturn

A relationship needs re-booting. This person has been on your mind a lot recently, it may be a friend, colleague, partner or family member.

Your relationship has been on a downward spiral because no-one is taking control and saying let’s start again, let’s get back to supporting and encouraging one another.

You may need to say this to the person, or simply show them by your actions.

Break the negative pattern and send the spiral upwards again.

It is so easy to get your own messages!

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Am I On The Right Path?

Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan

Cards used for this reading: 

WildWood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews


Card 1

King of Bows: Adder Snake

Karina Says: 

The snake energy of this card coils and weaves, it represents Earth energy rising from the ground growing in power. Your energy has been dormant for some time and a magical spiritual awakening is occurring. This magic represents balance and is associated with the healing arts.

You have gained some wisdom, and like the snake have learnt to twist and turn with the terrain … therein lies your Power … have confidence that you can handle the unexpected (would you have come this far if you couldn’t?). You are on the right track with your question but it will require significant change to your routine and moving out of your comfort zone to make your dreams come true. You are ready and empowered by the serpent energy within you to demand more from this area of your life.

Ps: This message is a particularly powerful and positive sign for those who want to start or expand a business.

Nine Of Arrows: Dedication

Karina Says: 

Yes, this path is the correct one, but it will require complete dedication – mind, body and spirit. This isn’t the sort of path you can pick up and drop when you feel like it, it needs dedication and persistent work. When we dedicate ourselves to something (or someone) it means we are serious about the task in hand (not just wishful aspirations). This card has a picture of a spiritual warrior, she hears The Calling and knows it is meant for her. She knows it will take time and effort and some sacrifice … but she starts with the first step. She is determined to make a difference with her life and is not waiting on the whims of others to decide her fate.

Eight Of Arrows: Struggle

Karina Says:

The path you ask about has or will be a struggle. The woman in this card fights her way through a snow storm, she holds a burning lantern which represents her soul – her soul desires are lighting the way … the only thing she needs to survive the storm is courage. You may be feeling alone – either alone in a relationship or alone in your thoughts, unable yet to share your hopes with others. You are aware there are choices ahead, and the choices may be painful or scary. Perhaps there is no obvious path, and all you can see are pitfalls. Now is the time to be calm and carefully assess the situation – calmly decide what action is necessary for your life to move forward (because action is necessary). It may not be easy, it may be a struggle, but out of the struggle a new inspiring YOU is born.
Note: If this message truly does NOT resonate with you on any level, then please go back and pick again between 1 and 3 because you may not have concentrated enough on your choice.


Ten Of Arrows: Instruction

Karina Says: 

Yes, this path is the correct one, but it will require instruction. This varies according to the question you asked – it may mean taking a course, getting a qualification or the wise counsel of a professional or friend. 10 is an important time indicator here, it can refer to 10 days, weeks or months before the results begin to show. This is the perfect time to INVEST in your future happiness – invest your time (and perhaps money) in advancing your dreams.

Amaze Yourself

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Law of Attraction – 50

Pick one bill only! 


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You have a creative mind and the ability to ‘see’ what others do not. More importantly, you can manifest what you see in your mind, and turn it into something real and concrete. Trust your visions.  


Eventually there comes a time when we instinctively know, it is now or never. That we must act or find another dream. Now is that time. You can go quietly into the night, or you can shine as bright as a star.  


A new adventure is approaching, and this fresh chapter in your life promises to be exciting. Your daily routines will be disrupted, and you may even find yourself initially resisting. Know, that wherever your journey leads it is sure to leave you feeling happy in body, mind and soul.


Intuition is your short-cut to success. Trust your gut feelings in love, life and work. Especially in the coming months. Opportunities are approaching, but you must be clued-in enough to spot them.


When it feels that life is getting on top of you, go sit in some pretty place in nature. Remind yourself that you are one of the lucky souls chosen to have an experience on the most beautiful planet in the Universe. When we love life, it tends to love us back. 

Time you read your own cards?

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You Need To Know This

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Your Message


Have you been asking, what is my purpose? Why am I here? Maybe you want to know if you are destined to work at a particular job or develop a certain gift.  In reality, we are not here to be happy or unhappy,  we don’t have to try to become anything specific. You are just here to experience life. As long as you go with the flow, everything will fall into place naturally, in due course. Do not resist change, flow with it – as uncomfortable and uncertain as that may be at times. You cannot ‘experience’ more by re-living the same day.  Rather than wondering what your purpose is, accept what each day brings without resistance and you will be living your purpose, and experience what you came here to experience.

I was drawn to the Blue Phantom quartz, which holds a special message of healing for you today. This stone can help put you in touch with other dimensions, and raise your vibration so that you can heal or release any problems that may be karmic. You do not have to buy this crystal, rather – just own the message. You are being told to raise your vibration. But how do you do that? We raise our vibration by accepting what has happened to us, accepting the lessons involved without anger or holding on to self-pity. We accept the psychosomatic cause of illness, and play our part in the healing process. For example, anxiety means one does not trust in the process of life. Decide to trust (you do or you don’t, there is no in between).  Hip problems represent fear of the future (our hips propel us forward). Accept the flow, and welcome what comes next, regardless.  By coming to an understanding of your own journey, you will raise your vibration and be of greater service to the planet. 

Green for go! If you’ve been asking ‘should I or shouldn’t I?’ about something – your answer is yes! Just do it! There is nothing to fear, move ahead and you will find that everything works out as it should. Don’t try to control the outcome, what you expect and what happens could be slightly different. Nevertheless, it is time for action because the longer you wait, the harder it will be. You have much to offer the world and other people. Be brave, and your confidence will increase as you come back to the realisation that you are a beautiful person, inside and out – and much too precious to hide away. 

Ps: If you haven’t been asking a question, you will soon.

Yellow. You have been asking the same question time and time again. And yet, the solution has already presented it-self to you. Maybe you’ve been asking: 

– What is my gift? You know already! You doubt yourself because it wasn’t announced by a clap of thunder from Heaven. 
– How can I heal? You already tried something which improved the situation, but you gave up because the results were slow. The journey towards healing is your karmic lesson.
– Where is my true love? Not available until you change how you approach relationships.  
– How can I make more money? You’ve already had an idea (perhaps even acted on it), but were not patient enough to see it through. Think longer term. 

Your key message: You are receiving guidance – you just need to play your part. A little more patience and follow-through is required. 


Amaze Yourself

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Your Message



Spend a little time doing something that makes you happy. Plan something that you can look forward to. A holiday, workshop, night out with friends, or simply a day on your own. The 3’s are lyrical in nature, reminding you to take time out from your routine. Our best thoughts and inspirations come when we spend quality moments outside of our ‘head’, away from the mundane.  Do something that takes you away because it could kick-start a whole new project or give you the re-boot you crave.


A little extra push and soon you’ll be there. Don’t give up. So many people give up on their dreams not realizing they were just on the cusp of manifesting them. Don’t assume delays or problems are a sign that it’s ‘not meant to be.’  You are growing, learning how to fight for what you want, becoming the sort of person it is necessary to be, in order to fulfill your longer-term desires.


If life has become a little dull or disappointing, the Universe is trying to make you aware of opportunities around you.  But you need to open your eyes. Or perhaps you have already done so? Maybe you are grabbing opportunities when they arise and have stopped worrying so much about the outcome? If so, congratulations you are on the right path! Joy comes in the DOING (the journey), and not always in the end destination. If you keep this in mind, you will release all fear of trying something new because the outcome isn’t important.


Forgiveness is a good thing. You don’t have to like the person, or spend anytime with them. But forgiveness means you will not carry the burden of ill thought, nor will you carry that load as karma into the next life. As the world becomes more polarized and angry, you are a beckon of hope for something much more beautiful and enduring  – the ability to see from someone’s else’s perspective. You don’t have to agree, but you can ‘see’ at least. You stand for something important, and that is – humanity


Your silent prayers for guidance on how to change your life have been heard by the Universe. You have received your answer, you know what the next step is … Don’t say you don’t. You do! It may be scary … or quite the opposite, not particularly exciting and require work. Whatever your gut intuition has been telling you … listen.  Follow the guidance and don’t worry about the outcome or where it will lead. You simply can’t predict more than a few months ahead at this time.


The Universe guides you to make your mental and physical health a priority, even if that means you can do less for others.  Your body is the vehicle through which you experience life. It is imperative to look after it as best you can, for it will determine the level at which you enjoy life and interact with others. Take a step back now and make yourself the No. 1 priority. You will re-emerge stronger and achieve ten times more in half the time, as a result!  

Worth Knowing 

Mathematics is the fundamental language and building block of the Universe. 

Our subconscious mind is programmed to understand the hidden code and message behind the numbers we are shown. 

Amaze Yourself

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