I have written a message for 7 countries.

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Great Britain

King of Cups: Rise up and serve humanity

You have the ability to navigate others through the choppy emotional waters of life. You may be doing this already, offering support and encouragement to family and friends. Or perhaps it is through the work you are doing. Either way, know that higher powers have taken a special interest in you and are encouraging you to embrace this aspect of yourself. They thank you for leaving the world a little better than you found it.

UK citizens will discover that this crisis draws them closer together.  More than any time since World War II.
It is a beautiful reminder, that there is a lot of kindness in people, and this is something you can build on collectively in the years to come. 
Trust in your visions for the future.
This could be leading somewhere new, both for you individually and as a nation.

For those who have my book Tarot in 5 Minutes, read the Queen of Cups (p.115) for personal guidance


9 of Cups (Reversed): You are still lucky

9 of Cups Reversed - Rider Waite Deck

This is one of the luckiest cards in the Tarot deck, and it is the Universe’s way of reminding you that you live in one of the ‘luckiest’ countries in the world (even if it doesn’t quite feel that way at the moment). 

Notice the man sitting alone, he reminds you that luck will prevail again after this crisis is over.
Wishes and dreams may be delayed for a while. Your plans may have to change. Yet, they will turn out strangely better, in a way you could not have predicated. While it feels like everything is slowing down now, it will speed up quickly again when you re-emerge from this pandemic. You will find that everything and everyone has transformed.  There will be more love, and people will be more willing to help each other out. 

As you read this, the Universe is redesigning your future, helping you prosper going forward.
It is also a reminder as a nation,  not to isolate yourself from the rest of the world, once this crisis is over. To shine your Light once again in the world. 


For those who have my book Tarot in 5 Minutes, read the 9 of Cups upright (p.107) as personal guidance.


Sun: Health and Success

It may be that you experience ‘the luck of the Irish’ afterall. The Sun represents health and success. Efforts are rewarded and present difficulties are overcome. So, it may be that the actions taken now by you personally, and at a national level will shield the country in the coming weeks from becoming the next Italy. 

The Sun also means, that when you reemerge from this pandemic, it will be easier than you imagine to get back on track.

 In the meantime, use the time you have positively. Look after yourself, exercise (along permitted lines), meditate, do yoga … get in shape body and mind. Prepare yourself for the new world order emerging.

Ps: Babies born during the Covid crisis in Ireland are likely to be strong-willed, and come into this world with a clear mission. They are the future medics, engineers, scientists and environmentalists who will help save our world.

For those who have my book Tarot in 5 Minutes, read the Two of Wands (p.63) for more personal guidance


3 of Pentacles - Rider Waite Deck

3 of Pentacles: The World Is Waiting

Something has been happening in Australia for a while now, I feel it is the world epicenter of a great spiritual revolution. Something to do with the energy and location of the continent. 

So many of you are forging a mind, body, spirit connection. The events in your life the past few years (particularly the tough ones), have been preparing you for what is to come. You are meant to, in small and big ways, be the inspirational teachers of the future. You can inspire us all through your words, actions and deeds. You can show us how life is meant to be. Use this time now, to think about your future, and listen to your inner voice. What is it showing you? When you day-dream, where do your thoughts go and what are you doing? Trust those as visions. They will be unique to you. You only have them, because they are meant for you. This pandemic has come to remind you of the urgency to activate yourself. No more time for doubt. 

For those who have my book Tarot in 5 Minutes, read the 8 of Wands (p.75) for more personal guidance


9 of Pentacles: Take Care of Eden

9 of Pentacles - Rider Waite Deck

Canada is a beautiful country. You have inherited a Garden of Eden.

This card reminds us, that is is easy to get distracted by money and the stuff money can buy. While of course there must be a balance, we all need a roof over our head. But this card signifies there has been an ugly problem developing quietly in Canada, allowing profiteers to destroy your Eden for short-term gains. This Covid virus comes at a pivotal time for your nation. It will give you time to reflect, as individuals and as a nation, about the future and what’s really important. It is an awakening of sorts.

You see – Canadians are supposed to teach US how to live.
How to live in harmony with the land and one another. 
You are meant to be the world’s show-case. 
The Garden of Eden.
The land of abundance, balance and calmness.

For those who have my book Tarot in 5 Minutes, read the 5 of Cups  (p.99) for more personal guidance

New Zealand


Hierophant - Rider Waite Deck

You have a big heart, and what you are teaching others now is how to CARE for one another.
Many of you live remotely, outside of large cities. Even as a country, you are geographically far away from other lands.

 Yet, it is that exact remoteness which reflects modern life, everywhere today.
So many people around the world, even those in crowded cities, feel disconnected and lonely. 

The question for you now, is – how can I connect with others safely, or help them connect with each other?
Consider this virus, the start of a bigger movement to come out of NZ. 

As the Universe delivers new ideas and inventions – ways for people to work together, to help each other in the future – those ideas are likely to be popped into a New Zealanders mind first!
So be aware of your thoughts in the weeks and months ahead. 
No matter what your age or situation, the Universe will find something for you to do, which will fit your circumstances and skills perfectly.
It will just be up to you, to act on it.

For those who have my book Tarot in 5 Minutes, read the 4 of Wands (p.67) for more personal guidance

South Africa

King of Swords

King of Swords - Rider Waite Deck

Step into your power my special friends, for this is not a time to worry about being ‘liked’ or what others will think of you.
You must act or speak as you feel guided to.
 A new S.A. is emerging, one which will see people acting bravely, pushing for real change, becoming inspiring leaders for the continent of Africa.
The reign of political correctness will loosen, perhaps because everyone realises it has left the country weakened and exposed to dangers.
Or maybe it is just that people become too focused on their visions to worry anymore.
You, will have a role to play in all this. Some of you will have bigger roles, some of you smaller, supportive roles (but no less impactful).
I know you’ve been feeling change ‘in the air’ for some time. This is why. A new era is approaching. 

For those who have my book Tarot in 5 Minutes, read the Knight of Swords (p.143) for more personal guidance

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