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Have you been asking, what is my purpose? Why am I here? Maybe you want to know if you are destined to work at a particular job or develop a certain gift.  In reality, we are not here to be happy or unhappy,  we don’t have to try to become anything specific. You are just here to experience life. As long as you go with the flow, everything will fall into place naturally, in due course. Do not resist change, flow with it – as uncomfortable and uncertain as that may be at times. You cannot ‘experience’ more by re-living the same day.  Rather than wondering what your purpose is, accept what each day brings without resistance and you will be living your purpose, and experience what you came here to experience.

Blue. You are in touch with other dimensions, and are raising your vibration. Maybe you have been actively meditating to make this happen, or else, it’s just happening anyway! This new energy will help you heal or release any problems that may be karmic. Keep working on raising your vibration. How do you do that? We raise our vibration by accepting what has happened to us, accepting the lessons involved without anger or holding on to self-pity. We accept the psychosomatic cause of illness, and play our part in the healing process. For example, anxiety means one does not trust in the process of life. Decide to trust (you do or you don’t, there is no in between).  Hip problems represent fear of the future (our hips propel us forward). Accept the flow, and welcome what comes next, regardless.  By coming to an understanding of your own journey, you will raise your vibration and be of greater service to the planet. 

Green for go! If you’ve been asking ‘should I or shouldn’t I?’ about something – your answer is yes! Just do it! There is nothing to fear, move ahead and you will find that everything works out as it should. Don’t try to control the outcome, what you expect and what happens could be slightly different. Nevertheless, it is time for action because the longer you wait, the harder it will be. You have much to offer the world and other people. Be brave, and your confidence will increase as you come back to the realisation that you are a beautiful person, inside and out – and much too precious to hide away. 

Ps: If you haven’t been asking a question, you will soon.

Yellow. You have been asking the same question time and time again. And yet, the solution has already presented it-self to you. Maybe you’ve been asking: 

– What is my gift? You know already! You doubt yourself because it wasn’t announced by a clap of thunder from Heaven. 
– How can I heal? You already tried something which improved the situation, but you gave up because the results were slow. The journey towards healing is your karmic lesson.
– Where is my true love? Not available until you change how you approach relationships.  
– How can I make more money? You’ve already had an idea (perhaps even acted on it), but were not patient enough to see it through. Think longer term. 

Your key message: You are receiving guidance – you just need to play your part. A little more patience and follow-through is required. 

"No book in 20 years of learning Tarot has made it this easy"

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