Cards used for this reading: 

WildWood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews


Card A

2 of Arrows

Karina Says: 

What will you be grateful about in 6 months time?

The end of a situation which has caused you distress. 

What is it that has caused you sleepless nights? 
A legal case? A problem with someone at work? Perhaps a family situation. Whatever it is, you feel unfairly treated. 

The Universe promises a solution. 

In the meantime, accept that difficult situations come to help us learn, become stronger, speak up or simply change direction.


10 The Wheel

Karina Says: 

What will you be grateful about in 6 months time?

This is the Wheel of Fortune, and the number 10 represents completion.  Change is inevitable, it is the eternal law of evolution. Change is unavoidable and necessary for nature to remain alive and regenerative. You will welcome this change, if you’ve gone through a period of struggle. Or you may fight it, if you have gone through a settled few years where little has changed. Either way, the Universe has plans for you, and it has the final word. Life is not a rehearsal …. this is your life and the Universe promises you many more exciting adventures to come.  


5 The Ancestor

Karina Says: 

What will you be grateful about in 6 months time?

The new moon in this card signifies a new beginning and fresh hope as dawn approaches. 

The Ancestor stands in your path, patient and wise she asks: are you ready? 

When this card appears, be prepared for some strange and wonderful events. 

Depending on your personal circumstances, it heralds unexpected revelations. 

This could be: 

  • The unfolding of an extraordinary gift. 
  • Contact from the spirit world. Who do you hope to hear from?
  • The unveiling of a strong life purpose.
  • A sudden understanding of everything. Finally knowing your place in the world. 


Ace of Bows 

Karina Says: 

What will you be grateful about in 6 months time?

You are currently nurturing the spark of an idea or project which will shine brightly in the future. 

Have belief in yourself. Even if your ideas fall on deaf ears, or don’t seem to inspire others yet. They will in time. 

How do you know if you are not misguided? Because you had the idea in the first place. We are all inspired, but so many chose not to believe. Who am I to think I’m special? You know how that little voice in your head goes …. 

This is why so many ‘ordinary’ people give up, just on the point of manifestation. And they never know that their idea had the spark of the extraordinary. 

This is your time, your life. 

Believe in yourself. You have nothing serious to lose and everything serious to gain. 

MARCH babies! 

Additional Message 

If you were born in March …. then this message is also for you!!! 

I felt inspired to provide this extra message for my March babies following my page. 

A personal challenge you have been trying to overcome – you will finally see a breakthrough. 

This could be health, diet, relationship issue, or something else completely – it relates to you personally. 


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