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You picked the Orgone Crystal Pyramid

This pyramid seals in powerful orgone energy which amplifies healing abilities. You were attracted to this crystal today because either you need healing, or you feel a calling to do even better things with your life.

This is no ordinary healing crystal. It is a tool to tap higher vibrational energy available to humans who are so motivated.

It is time to step back from the everyday grind and review your desires. What is it you truly want? Not what you sort of wish for … but what does your heart truly guide you to do? Cut through the distractions, doubts and fears. What is it? Be honest.

Once you are clear on your desire, the Universe will formulate a plan and deliver opportunities which will enable you to help yourself. No decision will be taken for you. All decisions are yours to take, this is why you have been granted free will. Only when you take charge of your mind and strangle your fears, can you truly gain entry to the world of higher vibrational opportunities.

Rose Quartz

You picked the Rose Quartz Crystal Pyramid

This pyramid contains the highest vibration of love.

By choosing this crystal you are guided to listen to your heart. It is OK to want what the heart wants.
But sometimes we neglect our heart, perhaps because we are too busy caring for others, or following a path we think we ‘ought’ to follow.

But your heart is whispering …

It is saying ..

I want more for me.

It is not selfish to want more. Your heart is pure, it is the purest, highest vibrational part of you. It is the part of you connected to your spirit guides. When it whispers, pay heed to what it says.
It is honest and true.

Rose Quartz Tip

The Rose Quartz is the most powerful crystal for healing emotional issues. It helps you express your emotional needs – to repair relationships or to move on in peace. It soothes internal pain, and restores hope. I advise you to place your rose quartz next to your bed so can absorb its powerful energy while you sleep.

Lapis Lazuli

You picked the Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pyramid

This powerful blue crystal opens the third eye chakra – it is connected to the future, and your visions of the future.

You are guided now, to think upon the future.

If you are not happy with the present, what changes will you make now to inspire a better future?

What must you start?
What must you finish?

Lapis lazuli was a much treasured crystal in Ancient Egypt and was thought to guide the soul through the journey of life and death (which is why it is a wonderful stone for mediums, or those who are dealing with the process of dying).

It is the stone of rebirth and regeneration.

As you emerge, the lapis lazuli encourages you take control of the process. Time passes anyway, so why not use it to shape the future you want. 


About Lapis Lazuli

This stone is essential for anyone on a spiritual journey. It stimulates the psychic mind, opening your mind to visions and messages from the other side. It stimulates the throat chakra, making it easier to express yourself vocally or in writing. It stimulates your smaller ear chakras, making you a better listener.

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