Why You Crave This Crystal


 In ancient Rome the agate was worn to protect against insect bites and to heal the blood. The red-brown agate (seen in this picture) was crushed and eaten by women who wanted a child, especially women driven by their biological clock. It helps calm the sacral chakra, and aids the gentle blend of mind, body and spirit. 

You were drawn to the agate for it’s healing properties. It guides you to focus on your breath, and calmness. By calming your body, you will align yourself with life force energy, and manifestation of your deepest desires.

If you do not own an agate, simply focus on the image above and ask the crystal to calm you mind, body and soul. 

Agate Healing Properties

Keep this crystal near you, or focus on the picture in meditation or prayer to help heal:

Digestive issues
Emotional trauma
Skin disorders
Insect bites and hives
Blood disorders

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