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Cards: Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

Ready, Set, Go!

Now is the perfect moment to dive in and embrace your heart’s desire.

Even if you don’t feel entirely ready, the dolphins say that there is no better time than the present to dive into your future. This may involve a big step or a small one, but a step is required. Ask yourself do I eventually wish to meet my Maker having truly lived or just existed?

Adjust your schedule, do less of the unnecessary things that clutter your life.

Everyone wants the best for you.





Make time to relax, be still and enjoy your solitude, indulging in much needed care.

The dolphins urge you to take a break from your busy life. Have a bath and add Epsom salt to your bath water to create a magical energy shift in your body. Be sure to immerse your chest under the water to release toxic emotions in the heart chakra.

If you feel uncertain about the future, light a white candle as you relax. The candle will illuminate guidance from the spirit world, helping you to hear their words of encouragement – if not immediately, then within hours or days of your soak.



Treasure Chest

An unforeseen windfall of new abundance comes to you now!

Your prayers for financial or practical help have been heard and assistance is here for you now. Tell the angels and dolphins how grateful you are for their help, even if you can’t see the evidence of it yet. When you feel grateful before the gift occurs, it reveals your faith.

Your abundance may show up in the form of money, or it may come as a new opportunity which improves your living conditions.

Bless your gift, however it comes to you. Your gratitude ensures a continual supply into the future.




Don’t rush into action right now. Bide your time for better results!

If you take action now, you’ll miss a window of opportunity that occurs down the road. So wait! Don’t worry, you will know when the time is right to take action because every cell in your body will scream ‘now!’

You are on the verge of receiving new information or guidance that will alter the course of your plans, leading you in a more positive direction.

By waiting now, the outcome will be better.  

Spirit Guide Reading

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