Blue Feather Meanings


Speak Out

Blue is associated with the throat chakra (the energy center around your neck area). If you receive a blue feather it means you are being guided to speak out. Blue reflects the colour of heaven, and assists the spirits of light to communicate on earth.

When you receive a blue feather, ask yourself – where do I feel compelled to speak out?
For example, it may mean:-

Telling someone what you really feel
Applying for that promotion or job
Standing up for your spiritual beliefs
Accepting that speaking engagement
Channelling wisdom which you pass on to others
Writing that book

You should know instantly, what you are guided to focus on. No over-analyse, necessary. 

Additional Meanings

You have mediumship abilities, and need to train your abilities. If you are already working in mediumship, then you are asked to push yourself harder to master your gift. The spirit world understand how hard it is sometimes, but they require your dedicated service. 

Your mind, body and spirit are merging powerfully now. This enables astral travel, deep meditation and the opportunity to absorb out-of-world healing abilities. 

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