Green Feather Meanings



Green is the ultimate healing calling card of the angels. If you are blessed with a green feather, it is a sign that you or someone you are concerned about will be healed.

It is also a sign that you have healing hands. Perhaps you already know this, but have not taken steps to learn about your gift. Or maybe you are already working as a healer, or training in a healing art. If so, know that you have a great talent, but it will take time and practice to emerge. Try not to be impatient, but be persistent. 

As the global consciousness awakes, more knowledge is becoming available to healers – it will appear as a download or feeling – I know there is a better way to heal. 

The knowledge will only be made available to those who have proven their dedication. 

If you received the green feather, it means you are one of the chosen. But you must play your part, work hard and wait for the revelation. 

Additional Meanings

Higher powers are healing your heart. 

Green feathers are specifically associated with healing of eye conditions. However healing of all serious illnesses are indicated by green.


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