Purple Feather Meanings


Spiritual Development

Purple is a symbol of personal power and growth.  If the angels have blessed you with a purple feather, it is a sign that you are becoming more spiritually aware. Perhaps this is because you are studying a spiritual topic, or maybe you are just asking the bigger questions like – who am I? Why am I here? and Where is humanity heading? 

This is the start of a whole cycle of growth – everything about you is likely to change – what you believe, how you earn money, even where you want to live (or in some cases, who you want to live with). 

The purple feather – is very unique. So if you receive it, sit up and take notice. You cannot plan what comes next, but you must be prepared to release patterns of thought or ways of doing things. Allow the change to occur, even if this causes some initial discomfort.  You may even think – but I had it all figured out!  I’ve been spiritually aware for ages!

You did – and you were. For a while. But the evolution of spirit is changing rapidly, and only people like you – higher evolved beings – have the capacity to move with this evolution and keep up with it.  Your role is to pass on the new wisdom you receive. 

Additional Meanings

This feather signals the release of internal energy blocks. 

The purple feather signals healing for those suffering from bipolar disorders, blocked arteries, head and neck pain and fractures.


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