Yellow Feather Meanings


Joy, Optimism and Hope

Yellow is a symbol of joy and hope.  If the angels have blessed you with a yellow feather, it is a sign of brighter times ahead. Perhaps you have been feeling lost, worried or depressed. Maybe you are wondering what can I look forward to?

The yellow feather does not predict a particular event  – events are short-lived. No, it is something much greater than any single event. It is the return of optimism and motivation.

Day by day, you will experience an increasing sense of happiness, a sense of expectation – it feels like butterflies in your tummy. Yellow is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which is located in your stomach area. When the solar plexus is activated, you will feel a sense of nervous energy in this area. Higher powers are healing and renewing you. Each day you will discover more reasons to smile and to be optimistic about the future. When your head is in the right space, anything is possible. You see the opportunities you would otherwise have missed.

Additional Meaning

If you were asking, am I on the right path? The yellow feather means yes. 
The yellow feather is associated with progress, triumph over obstacles and forward movement.


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