Find Tarot Card In Garden
Find Tarot Card In Garden


This post will only have appeared in some people’s newsfeeds.
And most, will have scrolled on by.  
But if you stuck with it – this far – and found the hidden Tarot card. Then have no doubt, this message is for you. 


Something has, or is about to come to an end.

It is time to move on to the next phase of your life. 

This may be good news – perhaps you’ve been waiting for this moment. A sense of starting again, feeling energised and healthy. 

In some cases, you suspected change was coming but fought it, clinging on to the status quo.  That’s ok too. 

However, whatever unfolds in the next weeks and months, is part of your destiny. Embrace it. For Higher Powers are directing you on a new path, and it promises to be something fulfilling, uplifting and deeply satisfying. 





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