Fire Sign Message


I asked Higher Powers for a message for my adorable Fire signs today.




You received the Ace of Swords

Depending on your situation – one or more of the messages below is for you. 

Aces predict the beginning of something new and wonderful.

  • –  If you are looking for a secure job or promotion, it is likely to occur when you least expect it.
    The world has gone a little crazy at the moment – making it difficult for companies and institutions to plan their hiring in a regular manner.
    Out of the chaos, emerges an opportunity for you. 
  • – If you’ve had an idea to contact someone – do!!

  • –  If you are interested in public speaking, or publishing your writings – an opportunity will arise before the end of the year. 
  • –  The crown on the tip of the sword looks like an engagement ring, doesn’t it? If you are waiting on a proposal, it should happen shortly. 

– If you are undergoing surgery, please relax my darling. You are in the right hands, and all will go well. 


In all cases, the Ace of Swords indicates the growth of confidence – you are emerging, showing the world who you really are. It is the beginning of a new and happy phase. 


If you have my book Tarot in 5 Minutes  – please go to page 121 for even more guidance.

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