I asked Higher Powers for a message for my adorable AIR signs today.




You received the Ace of Swords

Depending on your situation – one or more of the messages below is for you. 

Aces predict the beginning of something new and wonderful.

  • – If you’ve had an idea – could be anything – in the past week or so. Go for it! Don’t second guess yourself. 
  • – Do you have something to get off your chest? Do you need to tell people or someone, something? 
  • –  This is the perfect time to put yourself ‘out there’ into to the world – videos, blogs, websites, writing – you will experience more luck than previously.
  • –  The crown on the tip of the sword looks like an engagement ring, doesn’t it? If you are waiting on a proposal or wedding day, it should happen shortly. 

– If you are undergoing surgery, please relax my darling. You are in the right hands, and all will go well. 



If you have my book Tarot in 5 Minutes  – please go to page 121 for even more guidance.



Additional Guidance 

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