Flower symbolism


Chrysanthemums spiritual message

A story tells how Christ, disguised as a beggar was taken in by a poor family. The next morning they discovered two white chrysanthemums by their door. It symbolized His blessings on the family for a healthy, wealthy and happy life.

The spirit world want you to know that your deeds of kindness have not gone unnoticed. Particularly where you have acted without expecting anything in return.  Kindness for the sake of kindness raises you up – it feeds your soul, igniting a fire that leads you to radiate beauty from the inside out.

The angels are directing chrysanthemums to your door, blessing you with what you most need.





When God was walking in the Garden of Eden he noticed a beautiful small blue flower. He asked the flower it’s name.
“I am afraid I have forgotten” the flower whispered.
God answered, “forget me not and I will not forget thee”.

You were guided to this flower today by the spirit world because they have this message for you:

Someone you care about who passed to the spirit world, sends their love. They have not forgotten you. In fact, they have been giving you signs recently, maybe a bird trying to get your attention, ornaments or pictures falling for no reason, lights flickering. They are just saying ‘hi – I’m here, safe and well.’

Time will pass and memories fade but love is eternal. Love is like a spark, it can be re-ignited at any time. When you eventually meet again in the spirit world it will feel like only days have passed since you last saw one another.





Known as the herb of the sun, the Marigold brings you news of good health, energy and motivation.  It is a symbol of life force and passion and is gifted to you today by the spirit world. They say ‘we are renewing you, clearing stagnation and fear’. Perhaps you already feel it?

You came here to live a life of wonder. To wake in the morning and feel excited by the day and your plans for it. Earth is a gift, a school to be embraced, never endured.

Marigold was once known as Mary’s Gold and people placed the flower around statues of Mother Mary. Mary is associated with fertility (babies but also creative fertility) and abundance. No matter what your circumstances she reminds you to make use of the renewed life-force energy coming your way.




The tulip was an ancient Persian symbol of love.  By instinctively picking the tulip today, the spirit world wants to talk about a love in your life. This person has been on your mind, particularly over the past few days.

You have a karmic relationship, which means you have known each other in past lives. You may have been lovers, parent-child, siblings or friends.

Karmic relationships tend to be either extremely challenging or conversely loving and supportive. You either challenge each other for the purpose of learning soul lessons. Or you provide unconditional love and support, enabling others to flourish and do what they came here to achieve.

Challenging or loving … you have influenced each other throughout time. Knowing this will help you understand why you have appeared in each others lives – however briefly or enduring your acquaintance is.

Make The Most Of Your Time

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