You ‘smelled’ the rose in your mind. This is your message:
When you aim for a wish without doubt or deviation, the Universe MUST deliver. Don’t weaken your wish by saying things like ‘I hope it comes to pass’ or such like. Know, with complete certainty it is yours. Repeat, repeat, repeat for days, weeks or months until it manifests. 
See: I need some luck


You smelled the lily in your mind. This is your message:

The sun is about to come out in an area of your life. This flower reminds you that your spirit is powerful, so keep faith with your dreams. Remember the Universe wants you to have your heart’s desire. You need to believe you deserve it. 


You smelled heather in your mind. This is your message:

Only the brave allow themselves to be vulnerable for it requires courage to expose your feelings to others. And yet, it is exactly that openness that creates bonds. This flower asks you to be aware that sometimes it’s okay to let your defenses down, to trust and allow others in, to remove the barrier that separates you from others and from the Divine.


How This Reading Works

If you smelled the flower, it’s not your imagination. You were using a natural ability called CLAIRSENTIENCE. 

When the spirit world send us messages – it’s not always in words or pictures. They can send us smells too, to try and convey information. For example, the smell of roses or cigarettes! 

They are clever, the spirit world. It may be that they are triggering brain neurons and synapse connections in our brain  – ones associated with memories of certain smells. That is why you can smell roses, when there are no roses in the room. 


A simple way to get all the guidance you need ..

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