Free Fortune Telling Reading
The fortune-teller painting (1981) by Claudio Bravo

Your Card: 6 of Pentacles

 The fortune teller says, expect some good news of a financial nature.
Depending on your situation, this could be:

–  a house sale/purchase/mortgage approval.

–  a job with a good salary, or a pay rise
– a financial windfall, dividends, insurance or retirement bonus.
– or maybe it’s simply a lottery win.

You soon will be in a situation to help others, be sure to spread your good fortune. This doesn’t mean necessarily money, you can also donate your time and expertise. You have much to give, and others will really benefit from it. Look at the picture in the card … the two people receiving the money. It is a reminder how much you can do to make this world a little better. The Universe is supporting you … in supporting others.

Your Card: LOVERS

Card: Tarot of Eli

The fortune teller predicts a new passion will enter your life.
Either you are about to fall in love or you discover a love for what you are doing.

Meaning 1

Someone enters your life, and this is a romance of a lifetime. Wonderful news for singles.
If you are happy in a relationship, then move to meaning 2 – this message is not for you.
If you are in an unhappy relationship, then expect an alternative romance to appear. You may connect to someone, or through someone from your past. You will have to make a choice.

Meaning 2

A life without passion is not living, it is merely existing. The Universe has been listening, it knows you want to feel more fulfilled. The opportunity is soon to present, a job or hobby that will propel you to your life purpose. It may not feel like ‘this is it’ – straight away. It could take 3 months before you settle and realise the potential. So whatever presents now, say yes – and put your heart into it. Don’t worry about the outcome.

Your Card: EMPRESS

Empress Tarot Card

 The fortune teller predicts a time of great emotional abundance ahead.
You are in the process of giving birth to something very important.
Depending on your situation, this could mean:- pregnancy, and giving birth to a child with an important destiny. You must support this child early on, focus on their education.
– if you have just started a new relationship, it will blossom
– if you have started a creative business or hobby, you are on the right path
– house renovations go well, trust your decor instincts
– beauty treatments progress well and help you feel good
–  you find balance connecting with land and trees
– health improves


Your Card: 4 of Pentacles

4 of Pentacles

The fortune teller predicts a time of prosperity. 

You could be doing this alone, or in partnership with someone else. Building for the future. 

You have been developing a healthy respect for money – the last few months have helped you realise what is really important. It’s not a big house or car, but money buys you freedom. It frees you from financial worries, and liberates you from whatever is happening out there in the world. Now you are in balance. Now the Universe can deliver just what you need. This won’t happen overnight, it will take anywhere between 12 and 18 months. Hey, if it was that easy, you wouldn’t appreciate it as much! Trust me. 

 Additional Meanings

– Weight loss efforts are successful 
– This is a good time to start a pension or savings plan


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