Free angel card message with Karina
Cards: The Guardian Angel Oracle Deck by Chrissie Astell

Cards used in this reading: The Guardian Angel Oracle deck by Chrissie Astell

You Picked: Self Belief

How many times must you hear it, before you believe? The only thing that is holding you back, is you.

I know it’s hard to believe sometimes that we are worthy of being ‘special’.

And when I say ‘special’, I mean special in your own life. Whose other life matters? Do you really care what the other 7 billion people on this planet are doing? When your light goes out, you’re outta here. This world, is your world, because you are the only one who sees it through your eyes. When your eyes shut, the world disappears.

This is your world. You have dominion over it.
You are the King and Queen. The orchestrator.

If you find yourself making excuses for settling for less, or finding blame ‘out there’ for the state of your affairs, then know that you have not accepted dominion.

This is your world.

Your experience.

You are the King and Queen.

Free yourself and take control of your journey.

Or perhaps you have already started doing this? If so, take this as a BIG confirmation you are on the right path.


You Picked: Knowledge
Grow through learning

The angels counsel you to gain more knowledge. This doesn’t mean you have to put life on hold until you ‘learn just enough’, because you will never be in possession of complete wisdom. It is not possible on this earthly realm.

Rather see yourself as an explorer – testing, probing, trying.  Remember, knowledge not only comes from books and courses, but in the doing of something.

In fact your greatest realizations will come from experience. So don’t be afraid to put into practice what you have already learnt.

When we stop learning, we standstill and stagnate.

Additional Messages

For those of you currently considering :

* Teaching
* Taking a course

Take this as your confirmation.


You Picked: Presence

Don’t be over-looked

Our auric field, is the field of energy that surrounds our body, it is emitted from our cells. If you stretch your arm out, that is how far your auric field typically extends.

Your auric field contains an imprint of your feelings.
You know how sometimes you ‘feel’ someone is in a bad mood, although they give no visible sign of it? What has happened, is that you have registered a vibe from their auric field. If both of you are within arms length of each other, your auric fields are connecting. You are subconsciously reading one another.

Everyone can read auric fields. It is how you get ‘gut feelings’ about another person.

But now, the angels are advising you to be aware of the energy YOU emit.

A weak presence, means you may be overlooked. Your needs are just as valid as the next person’s.

A negative presence (‘nothing goes right for me’), makes people run from you.

However, a warm and positive presence, in general, attracts not only people to you but also opportunities.

So, the angels ask you to be aware of your presence.

At all times. Not just on a good day.

But perhaps this is something you are already working on? If so, take this as a confirmation you are on the right path.

If you see this, you are meant to do it!

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