Your Angel Message:

Angel Of Guidance

Karina Says: You are gaining a renewed sense of direction and purpose. Perhaps recently you have been feeling a little lost or not sure of which direction to take. The Angel of Guidance has heard you and is here to boost you along your soul path.

Close your eyes and visualize a golden path before you, it is surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers. The path leads towards the sun on the horizon. As you walk along the path, trust that you are being guided in the right direction. Visualize this path every day in the coming week. Feel the warmth of the sun and KNOW that you are being led. Become aware as a new sense of direction slowly gathers within you.

You may not know the end destination but you will be guided to the next step.


Your Angel Says:


“Guardian Angel”

Trust the visions you’ve been having about the future, even if you doubt them or yourself. Your Guardian Angel is showing you how good life could be, if only you would follow the path she shows you. Don’t worry about failure, it doesn’t matter if you fumble down the path or stride, you are still on the path.

Additional Meanings

For those practicing mediumship, know that your clairvoyance will improve in the coming year.

If you’ve been experiencing vision problems, you will be led to the right healer soon.


Your Angel Says:


Hear, sense and listen. In any relationship (family, romantic, friends, work), it’s important to pay attention to what the other person is saying. All too often, we’re already planning what our response is while the other person is still talking. We make assumptions about where the conversation is going, plan our part of the conversation, and even lead it in the direction we imagine it was going.

When this occurs we don’t ‘hear’ what the other person is saying. If this has happened to you recently, it means you were not ‘present’ for that person.  To truly listen, you need to observe the person’s body language, you need to stop talking and hear their words and the tone they use. You need to use your intuition to ‘sense’ what is really bothering the person.

Listening is a gift – it is something you do with your mind, body and soul. If you feel you already do this, then perhaps it’s a sign you should extend your listening skill further perhaps by counseling others.

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