This message is for you IF all of the following apply:

1. You are changing careers (or even retiring).

2. Part of your plan – for career or retirement – involves travel. Moving over-seas or spending long periods of time over-seas. 

3. You are single. 

There are people you will get to know in the coming weeks and months who will help facilitate your dreams. 

This could be:

People you ‘sort of’ know, but now you get to know better

A mentor or someone with relevant advice

A person online, who has relevant information

The Universe is supporting your dream at this time by sending you helpful people. 

It is your destiny to see more of the world, to experience new faces and places. Ultimately, on your travels, you will find a kindly soulmate who has been impatiently waiting to meet you.


This message is for a select few of you, on my Facebook page who are currently on the same path. 


Amaze Yourself

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