I asked Higher Powers for a message for you today. 

They told me, that a handful of you received a message in the past 24 hours from them. 

They said, they inspired you with an idea. 

The idea occurred when you were ‘lost in thought’. Either driving, or when you woke up. 

You immediately got excited. 

And then, the doubt set in. 

‘Am I good enough, talented enough, determined enough?’, you asked. 

They respond to you now with this message. 

YES – you are. That is why they put the thought in your mind. They don’t waste people’s time. 

However, it is your choice, whether to believe or not. 

If you believe, you will succeed. 

If you doubt, you will fall at the first hurdle. 

It is up to you. 

And therein, is the secret to life. 


If this message is not for you today – perhaps reflect back over your past and ask – can I learn a lesson?
Could this have applied to me another time?


Amaze Yourself