Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Card by Colette Baron-Reid


I asked Higher Powers for a message for you today. 

This message is for a handful of my followers, who are on a similar path. 

In the past 7 days, you sat under a tree or in the garden and wrote a list. 

On this list, you wrote the names of the places you wanted to visit.

Consider it your map of destiny. 

These are places you are destined to see, because your soul is a tourist and it was always the plan for this to happen. 

In order to make this travel possible, a relationship had to change first. You had to be on your own, and willing to break from routine. 

Whatever has happened in the recent past, has happened for a reason. 

First, you had to feel lost, before you were found. 


Know, that your list is not a dream. But a true map of your destiny.


Amaze Yourself