I asked Higher Powers for a message for you today. 

“Your dreams are coming true. Don’t quit right before the miracle occurs.”

Impatience causes people to quit too soon.

Yesterday I had a phone reading with a lovely lady who was about to give up on her part-time business because clients were slow in coming and she took this as a ‘sign’ she was on the wrong path. 

She was wrong, and I told her so. If she quit, she’d experience the same problem in her next business.  She would start enthusiastic, maybe experience a bit of initial good luck, then she would hit an inevitable wall and start to wonder if she’s on the right path. Then she would lose motivation and quit. 


Just because something takes time to build or learn, is NOT a sign to give up.

Just because something goes ‘wrong’, is NOT a sign to give up.

Nothing you want to achieve – and I mean NOTHING – will come without a struggle. Sure, you may have a bit of good luck to begin with – but eventually, you’ll come across something which requires you to be patient, learn, test and grow. 

Remember, 70% of success in life comes from staying in the game and just showing up!  That’s because most people give up, and walk away too soon. 

If this message made you think – I SO NEEDED TO HEAR THAT – then it is for you. 

Have no doubt. 




Make 2021 Your Year

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