I asked Higher Powers for a message for you today. 

They told me, that a handful of you need to hear this message today. 

 You are having difficulty communicating with your adult child. 

You feel conflicted, guilty even … they have a way of tugging at the umbilical cord! 🙂 

You feel guilty because of their past – a childhood illness, or family situation which made you overprotective at the time. 

But you must know now – that it is time to move forward. You can’t keep overprotecting them out habit. 

The only thing that will happen, is that they come to expect you to always fix their messes. This will stunt their growth. 

The biggest favour you can do your ‘child’ now – is to let them fix their own problems and plan their own future. 

Do not feel guilty about standing back. 

You deserve your own life too. You have a right to focus on you, and your future.  You are both adults now.

In fact, it will be much healthier in the longer term for both of you. Your relationship will blossom in a new way. Don’t worry! 


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