Everyday Witch Tarot: Magician

Card: Everyday Witch Tarot

Your birthday falls in APRIL or AUGUST

You received the Magician

Make It Happen! 

The Magician means that now is the time to follow through on your idea. Make it happen, set it in motion! 

It may be a ‘big’ idea, or something smaller and more personal. Whatever it is, you had this idea for a reason.  Don’t think ‘oh, she can’t be talking about that idea, it’s not big enough’.

We are ready for what you are about to do, or say. 

The Magician in Tarot is card no.1, representing the first step in creation. 

Be confident. Go for it. 



Additional Meanings

** If you have interest in the magical arts, mediumship, or anything else – dedicate your time to study and progressing your connection. 
** Finish half finished projects. You can only move forward by finishing what you start. 
** If you asked about fertility, yes you can conceive a baby. 
** Raise your eyes towards heaven and ask – how can I be of service?

~ Karina 

April and August babies, you need to study this book:

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